10 Best Melbourne Camping Spots within 2 hours drive

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Toolangi State Forest

Are you looking to go camping near Melbourne and do not know where to? Don’t worry! We’re here to help you out. The ideal camping spot for a short weekend getaway shouldn’t be too far. Therefore we have shortlisted the best camping spots within 2 hours drive from Melbourne.

The best part about camping nearby is that you can even rent/ hire a car and drive yourself, saving the unnecessary travelling costs. So pack your bags, load the car with camping essentials, and hit the road. You can drive off on Friday evening or choose an early morning Saturday drive to witness the rising sun! Read on to choose your camping spot!

Toolangi State Forest

Toolangi State forest has many camping sites within it. There is a campsite named Murrindindi Reserve, which is located toward the northern edge of the forest. The Murrindindi reserve is famous for waterfalls and riverside camping. This forest is a must-visit if you want to visit the best camping spots near Melbourne. It has 5 trails for walking, and if you cross the suspension bridge, you will find yourself at Two Hills. Two hills is a beautiful campground that is covered in rain forests and trees.

Wombat State Forest

If you want a short drive to reach one of the best camping spots near Melbourne, then Wombat State Forest is the right choice for you. It is less than an hour’s trip from Melbourne. The place is amazing as it has extinct volcanoes that are hidden deep into the forest. It is an ideal getaway for mountain riders as the forest offers more than 100KMs of mountain riding track.

Gentle Annie Reserve at Labertouche

If you search for ‘camping grounds Melbourne’ on google, you will find Gentle Annie Reserve as one of the options. This site has two camping grounds; one is powered, whereas the other is an unpowered camping site. The powered site is situated on the western bank of the River King. It is suitable for all types of campaigns such as RV, campers, tents, caravans, etc. However, the unpowered site is further divided into 2 portions. They are located amongst oak trees and are popular for tent camping.

Tidal River

If you are keen on experiencing the lush green outdoors, then you must pick the Tidal river as your camping site. They have hikes within for getting a refresher. You might bump into one or two wombats. You won’t be disappointed in picking this option because you will be within walking distance from Fairy Cove. Fairy Cove is Melbourne’s best secret beach.

Johanna Beach

Many campers like to camp around the beach. Johanna Beach happens to be among the best beach side campsites. It is a short distance from Melbourne and offers serene beauty. The place is heavenly for keen surfers. The place is far from any power or electricity systems. Therefore, get your hands on an offgrid battery system and 12v solar panels to survive the weekend there.

Kurth Kiln

The site offers a dog-friendly camping ground which makes it an ideal camping spot for people with pets. It is situated to the west of Melbourne and is just a 90 minutes drive. This campsite is among the best places to camp in Melbourne because of the exceptional features it offers. Along with being dog-friendly, the site also offers free camping facilities. It is equipped with drop toilets and other basic facilities, but you will need to take your firewood. The lovely walks that this site has will make you and your dog happy.

Mount Franklin Reserve

For campers who like to explore many things together, this reserve is an amazing choice. The picturesque view helps your mind relax and breathe in some positivity through the environment. In addition, this site offers free camping by providing basic amenities such as toilets, washing water, and fireplaces.

Cumberland River Holiday Park

If you have to choose from the best camping spots in Melbourne, then opt for this amazing holiday park. It is situated a few hours drive from Melbourne and offers camping by the beach and into the forest. The lush green forest surrounding the camping site is beautiful. Waking up to the sound of ocean waves takes away all the tiredness. You can choose to hike on the nearby cliffs or enjoy swimming in rock pools.

Andersons Garden

If you and your partner have different viewpoints on whether to go on a weekend trek or just lay by the pool, then you can choose Andersons Garden as your getaway. It has swimming holes in Sunday Creek and also offers a beautiful summit of Mount Disappointment. If you want to feel nature by driving through it, you can even do that here. The camping sites are offered on a first-come, first, serve basis.

Mount Franklin Reserve

If you want to experience the best camping near Melbourne, you have to visit Mount Franklin Reserve. It is surrounded by deciduous trees and is located just near the volcanic crater. When you visit this place, it gives such peaceful vibes. The tranquility of nature is easily felt while simply leisure around in the forest. You can witness the sunrise and sunset sitting in your tent or from the top of many cliffs there. This campsite is ideal for trekking and canoeing.

What are you waiting for? Get packing and go camping!

Melbourne is a vibrant city with colorful life. But it also has something for the adventure seekers. The areas and forests around Melbourne offer amazing views and serene beauty to campers. Many campsites offer free camping, while some campgrounds near Melbourne also charge for the stay. You can choose the campsite as per your budget, but none of the campsites will disappoint you. They provide basic amenities, and if there is nothing to do, you still have your friends and family sit near the campfire and make memories. Not only forests, but we also have beach camping sites available in Melbourne within the 2 hours range. Happy camping!

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