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Best Caravan Fridge for Australia [2024]

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Choosing the right caravan fridge will really depend on your overall caravan setup. It’s no point getting a fridge that won’t fit, or is too small for your family. Another thing to consider is whether you need both a fridge and freezer in one unit, or happy to settle for 2 separate units.

If you only have a small caravan or camper trailer, then consider a portable unit which you can then take with you in the back of the car when you do short day trips.

Whilst there are many caravan fridges on the market, we have found 5 of the best caravan fridges to suit different camping situations.

  1. Bushman DC285L-X Matte Black 12/24v Upright Fridge/Freezer 285L
  2. Dometic WAECO CoolMatic CRX 50 Fridge/Freezer 12/240v, 45 Litre
  3. EvaKool 110L 12v Fridge/Freezer
  4. Vitrifrigo DP150i 12/24v 2-door fridge/freezer 150Lt
  5. Evakool TMDZ-95 Travelmate Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer – 96 Litre

A Quick Buying Guide to find the Best Caravan Fridge

There is a wide range of best caravan fridges available for those in the market. However, with so many models accessible in the market, it can be hard to know which one is the right for your use, in this buyer’s guide, we will talk about some of the key factors, features, and parameters that every buyer must consider before making a final decision.

Upright Or Portable

It mostly depends upon the user’s choice. If you want to have a fridge that you can permanently install in your caravan, then upright caravan fridges are an ideal choice to consider. These fridges are very important especially if you are about to go on longer trips than usual. You can fit them internally within your caravan’s kitchen and use it as desired.

The best portable caravan fridge/freezer2020, on the other hand, is a better option if you use your caravan for short breaks.

Fridge Size

As for every gadget, tool, or the unit you buy for your caravan, choosing the best caravan fridge for sale is also about keeping the right balance. With your purchase, you want to have enough space for your food and drinks without going overboard or wasting precious power on refrigerating bare spaces.

A high-quality caravan fridge comes in different shapes and sizes. You can find them anywhere between 40-230L to meet the user’s requirement. However, large caravan fridges between 120-220L are an ideal choice to opt for if you are not in it for a long haul.

For compact options, you can select a fridge between 40-60L compression units.

Energy Consumption

Choosing among compressor fridges and 3-way models is always challenging. 3-way fridges are better because they can keep running even when you run out of electricity. However, the compressor fridges consume very less energy if you run them on a 12V source.

Every caravan fridge could be a drain on the power, particularly during hot, humid days. If you plan on using the fridge off a battery, you can pair it up with a solar panel or portable generator. Ensure that whatever you use is able to deliver a sustained power with low current draw over longer periods. Whatever you decide to do, never use it off your car battery as it can drain it promptly as well.


The best 12-volt refrigerator full size comes with an alcove that can lodge a low-profile or compact design. If you want the unit to be both effective and efficient, always go for a product with adequate ventilation around the unit. It will allow warm air to escape and keep the unit running for extended periods. For this reason, it is always better to have the unit installed by a proficient, skilled, and professional installer.

Added Extras

The buying process of a good caravan fridge is not complete until you have a product that comes with extra benefits/accessories to choose from.

Many models are available with a freezer section that you can unclip and remove when extra space is required. There are removable door/shelf sections that you can put up with configurations as per your desires.

Many best portable fridge freezer 2020 has a reversible door feature where you can adjust the hinge to open from the right or left. Some other accessories or features integrated into the product could be a double lock system, automatic defrosting, and a wide range of installation. You can also have remote monitoring functionality and USB charging outlets depending upon the company and price tag.

For upright fridges, the optional accessories to add are frames for convenient installation, vents, and gas pipe connections. For portable fridges out there, the whole lot of optional extras include a wireless display, fridge covers, fixing kits, fridge stands, and much more.


To get the most of your purchase, make sure you buy a fridge with thick insulation. Fridges made of plastic conducts very less heat than metal while fiberglass material offers the best insulation when compared to all. Using a fridge with a cover adds to insulation and reduces the issue of material heating up.

Better insulation is also needed as it decreases the workload over the compressor.


The best caravan fridge can is available in the different price ranges. They can vary from a very small range i.e. around $170 to an astounding $2000 plus for high-end, larger models. The best thing to acknowledge the price range of a caravan fridge, ask yourself about its intended purpose, the frequency of usage, and the desired features.
Once you have answers to your questions, you can use the information and invest your money accordingly.

Top rated Caravan Fridge to buy online

Bushman DC285L-X Matte Black 12/24v Upright Fridge/Freezer 285L

At present, it is the largest free-standing freezer/fridge in the market that includes a massive 60-liter freezer. This product is designed and manufactured in a way to endure rough weather conditions. Thanks to its Danfoss BD50 compressor and thick insulation, your food remains fresh and your beverages remain cold throughout the day even when the temperature outside goes high.

This best caravan fridge features an external condenser at the back of the freezer for improved airflow. This feature also significantly decreases the overall power consumption of the unit. So, whether you own a boat, motorhome, or caravan you can stay off-grid with this fridge for your routine applications.

It has a stunning matt black finish that can complement any interior decoration. Though it is a little large, the accessible storage space is pretty amazing and functional. There is wide door storage for keeping large bottles alongside safety glass shelves to make cleaning a hassle-free process.

Some other notable features of Bushman DC285L-X Matte Black includes free-standing aesthetics and a 12V/24V DC operation. There is a full steel fridge cabinet, reversible door, integrated vertical fan for your convenience. The package also includes AAA batteries for the efficient functioning of LED light and gas piezo and a free mounting kit.

Why we like it
  • Extremely efficient and powerful
  • Energy efficient
  • Very big on space
  • Can be installed in the cavity or used as a free-standing option
  • Large door storage
What You Should Know
  • Consumes large amperage during nonstop working

Dometic WAECO CoolMatic CRX 50 Fridge/Freezer 12/240v, 45 Litre

This best compressor refrigerator for the caravan is an inventive quick-change product. The technology is no secret, but a patented Dometic invention. This versatile fridge unique freezer compartment is the perfect choice for caravans, motorhomes, and campervans.

Apart from being the most energy-efficient product in the market, it features a sufficient 48L refrigerator aptitude that can easily maintain the temperature between 5-7 degrees even in the tightest weather conditions. This two-way caravan and motorhome fridge is has a very versatile configuration in terms of its removable freezer compartment. This way, the user can adapt and use the unit to suit his needs whenever required. As a result of this, it can also be used as a conventional freezer, full fridge, or full freezer.

Its slightly chamfered rear wall dissipates the establishment pieces present in many caravans at floor level. This feature also allows for a snug fit during marine applications where the exterior turns inside near the drivels.

You can set the desired temperature via a soft-touch control panel that decently integrates the LED light during use. Convenience features include bottle holder, flexible shelves, separate baskets and egg basket, etc. It can run off mains, thanks to the addition of the MPS35 mains power unit. The door is in real stainless steel and features a redesigned door handle and top/bottom locking system.

Why we like it
  • Removable freezer compartment
  • Energy-efficient compressor
  • Interior LED light
  • Door with dual function and lock
  • Whisper quiet working
What You Should Know
  • Tricky installation

EvaKool 110L 12v Fridge/Freezer

Are you looking for a fridge that can comfortably fulfill your needs during outdoor expeditions even in the hottest of all environments? Say hi to this brand-new, EvaKool 110L 12v Fridge/Freezer for your motorhome and caravan.

This best portable fridge or freezer 2020 is crafted and designed to work with the most ambient temperatures e above 49 degrees Celsius while marinating the freezer cooling of up to -15 degrees and a fridge temperature of -3.5 degrees.

Thanks to its Secop PBC 2.5 compressor, the EvaKool 110L 12v Fridge/Freezer has the most unmatched power consumption and cooling output. Though there are many other compressor brands in the market that are very good for warmer climates, but they are still not as sufficient as this particular unit.

The EvaKool 110L 12v Fridge/Freezer is stylish in appearance and has a silver/grey satin finish to it. Thus, the most classic and uniquely designed product to match the interiors of any caravan, boat, and motorhome.

The Secop compressor helps deliver the ideal flow of refrigerant gas while working for the efficient and comfortable running of your fridge. This feature, when combined with extra thick insulation walls and astute heat dissipating design gives you extra fresh food and beverages whenever you need it.

Since it is mostly designed for solar panels and generator setups, the amperage drawing is very low. It also features easy to use controls, internal temperature adjustment dials, and reversible doors for perfect and easy camping.

Why we like it
  • Great cooling capacity
  • Metal door latch
  • Easy to clean, smooth, and hygienic interiors
  • Comes with a free mounting kit
  • Simple controls
What You Should Know
  • Needs leveled ground for fast set up

Vitrifrigo DP150i 12/24v 2-door fridge/freezer 150Lt

The Vitrifrigo DP150i refrigerator/freezer is considered as an epitome of excellence within the caravan fridge industry. This fridge has a huge capacity and features large, separate freezer compartments for long storage of your food items.

This 2-door best 12v upright caravan fridge comes with a separate 30L freezer that features an internal cooling unit. The user can run this cooling unit on 12V or 24V DC to suit his routine requirements. The best thing about Vitrifrigo DP150i refrigerator/freezer is its aesthetics. It has a black finish with a silver handle/lock.

The massive capacity offers the convenience of a domestic fridge alongside a bright internal LED. Moreover, its crisper draws also make it a popular option for boats, motorhomes, and caravans.

Another advantageous benefit of this product that a potential buyer must look forward to is its Smart Airlock system. This feature helps prevent unwanted door openings when in use. Also, when the lock is in its vented position, it helps get rid of unpleasant odors and mold formation while the fridge is not in use.

Some other features of Vitrifrigo DP150i refrigerator/freezer that make it a high-rated product out there include an airlock closure system and an LED lighting to provide maximum brightness and low power consumption. It also features a high insulation rating, a three-star rated freezer compartment, and a 0.8mm laminate door panel for convenient swapping to match with the caravan’s décor.

Why we like it
  • Large capacity
  • Safe and practical swing lock door
  • Compact dimensions
  • Nominal power consumption
  • Separate door for fridge and freezer
What You Should Know
  • No temperature setting option

Evakool TMDZ-95 Travelmate Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer – 96 Litre

High-quality, reliable, and affordable, the Evakool TMDZ-95 offers a wide range of options for people who wish to keep their food and beverages fresh while enjoying the outdoors. This company has been in the industry for so many years so know the targeted audience very well. That is why this unit is designed and manufactured especially for harsh environmental conditions in mind.

The Evakool TMDZ-95 is the largest model within its series. It offers you the most ultimate portable refrigeration friend that features two different tubes with separate lids for extra efficiency. When needed, you can even set every compartment autonomously as a freezer or a fridge to get the best of both features within a single unit.

With its 96L capacity, this best dual-zone caravan fridge is ideal for large families or people who are on longer trips. It offers ease of use and practicality, thanks to the integration of digital controls, removable baskets, and internal LEDs that makes unpacking/packing and cleaning hassle-free for the user.

Its multi-voltage use allows you to use 240V mains before taking off and 12V/24V when in the caravan. You can even use the unit in conjunction with a solar panel as per your preference. The unit is suitable for camping, boating, and four-wheel driving.

Why we like it
  • Dual-zone functioning
  • Multi-voltage operation
  • Digital controls and removable basket
  • Efficient, reliable, and quiet working
  • Integrated low-voltage protection
What You Should Know
  • Draws more power when starting from warm

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