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Best Camping Chairs for Australia [2024]

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Best Camping Chairs to sit back and relax in!

Going camping should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Many people choose to camp as a way of getting back to nature, whilst others just like the outdoors and basically doing nothing – either way, a lot of time is spent sitting around, having a beer or wine and talking with friends. It is therefore crucial to make this part of your trip a comfortable one by having a quality camping chair.

Now when it comes to choosing a good camping chair you first have to consider a few things:

  1. Your size and weight
  2. Ease of use/setup of the chair
  3. Size and how much space it will take up in the car/truck/rv
  4. Special features it might have, ie foot rest, drink holder, head rest etc

Anyway, let’s get straight into our camping chair comparison and reviews. In our opinion, the best chairs for camping in Australia are:

  1. Newdora Portable Ultralight Folding Camping Chair
  2. KingCamp Moon Heavy Duty Steel Camping Chair with Cooler Bag
  3. FLAMROSE Upgraded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair
  4. Moon Lence Outdoor Ultralight Portable Folding Chairs
  5. Oztrail Goliath 250kg Rating Folding Camping Picnic Arm Chair

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Camping Chair

Camping involves sitting calmly soaking sun rays during winters and chilling during summers so a comfy and portable chair is essential when it comes to camping (second only to a good mattress). Nowadays, the market has plenty of good chairs to offer but buying the right chair is challenging enough so I have brought a detailed review of some of the best camping chairs followed by a buying guide helping you to decide about the right chair that will allow you to cherish the unforgettable moments to the fullest.

In order to buy an ideal camping chair, you need to consider a number of factors that are listed below.

What to look for in a Camping Chair


The first and foremost factor to think about is the size of the chair. Before going to buy the most appropriate size, think about your own size. Buy a chair that is able to accommodate you and your weight. If you are a giant person with a bulky body then choose the one that is able to bear greater weight while the minimalist three-legged design is suitable for the petite people.

Type of use

Another considerable factor is your usage. If you want to sit back and relax for a long time you might need a recliner to stretch out or a canopy chair to soak nourishing sun rays. There are several other types available in the market so your usage will determine the right type to buy.


Another important feature, in fact, the most important feature is comfort. Comfort and relaxation are all you really need out of your camping experience and what if it falls short to provide you the comfy and cozy sitting!

If you have some physical inability, do ask your doctor to recommend a suitable camping chair or choose the one that suits your sitting posture or provide extreme convenience.


There are a number of camp chair styles available in the market. The choice solely depends upon your personal liking and convenience it offers. Each style is specialized to provide a different value.

Classic Camp Chairs

These are the traditional style chairs with a high seat so it is difficult to sit and stand up easily especially for the petite people. They have four legs for stability and a straight back and even seat.

Low Chairs

These chairs are comfy and a sink-on type because they allow you to lean on. They are suitable for outside surfaces that are uneven and rough. They are quite low therefore it is easy to sit on and relax.

Rockers and Gliders

There are few chairs equipped with rocker or glider to kick back and rock whenever you want. If you like rocking during a calm camping adventure then this type is suitable for you.

Suspended Chairs

These are the advanced models that cost you a bit pricier than the simple traditional models. The chair hangs down the frame and swings a bit. It is suitable for all surfaces.

Scoop Chairs

These are the super-light camping chairs that are portable and compact. Like their name, they form a scoop-style sitting form that does not have a separated back and seat. They are usually foldable, comfortable and cost-savy as well.

Three-Legged Chairs

They are the most basic form of the chair. They have minimalist design with three-legs. They are very lightweight but the downside is the instability. They are not stable especially at the uneven and rough surfaces.

Two-Legged Chairs

These chairs are extremely light-weight due to the compact design and only two legs. Your legs work as a front support in these chairs and there is a greater chance of falling.  


The camping chairs are available ranging from the basic models to the premium quality advanced chairs with a number of value-added features. The buying decision largely depends upon your budget. Camping chairs are available as low as 100$ for those who want a durable camping chair at an affordable price.

Assembly and Portability

The most suitable camping chairs are those which are easy-to-assemble and portable. The lightweight models are much more successful than the bulky chairs because they are easy to carry during camping. Moreover, it is favorable to buy a compact and easy-to-assemble model because it is hassle-free and requires a few minutes to set up.

Other Features

The last thing you consider while buying the right camping chair to enjoy a great camping experience is to decide whether you need other value-added features or not. Many chairs have different additional features like pockets, storage compartments, and padded armrest and headrest, etc.  

Top rated camping chair to buy online

Newdora Portable Ultralight Folding Camping Chair

Newdora has earned 4.1 star rating for its portability  and the extreme convenience it offers. I have rated it as top of the list as it provides great value for money.

If you are looking for a super-light and portable camping chair then Newdora folding camping chair is a must-buy. The chair is so light and compact that it can easily be adjusted in your backpack. It folds down nearly to the size of the loaf of the bread offering great convenience for traveling, camping, hiking, and fishing etc.  Moreover, this camping chair features the easiest assembly that hardly takes seconds to set up because of the deliberately designed durable aluminum frame.

On top of that, the rip-stop nylon provides immense support adjustable to 4 different positions. The material is soft and breathable offering supreme durability. The frame is made from the sturdy Aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum that can bear up to 300 pounds of weight.


  • Amazon Rating: 4.1 stars
  • Weight capacity: up to 300 pounds / 140kg
  • Material: 7075 aluminum frame and Nylon Backed
Why we like it
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Super-light and portable.
  • Foldable and compact design.
  • Soft and breathable fabric
What You Should Know
  • It is hard to loop and attach it for backpacking.

KingCamp Moon Heavy Duty Steel Camping Chair

KingCamp Moon is a combination of sturdiness and ease that allows you to spend you leisure time comfortably. It has earned an Amazon rating of 4.3 stars that makes it a considerable choice.

KingCamp moon is a sturdy and comfortable moon saucer chair that has a very relaxing and well-padded reclining back providing great support to your posture. It has a robust steel construction that supports a maximum of 300 pounds weight. The chair is easy to carry and comes with a portable carrying bag. The chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

It is armed with a large back pocket that facilitates you to put your magazines, books and other accessories safely.

The chair is large and spacious and offers greater accommodation. Moreover, it is easy to use and can be folded in to seconds. It offers a hassle-free assembly that takes minimal time to set up. The chair is designed with a great aesthetical sense and you can place it in your home as well.


  • Amazon Rating: 3.9 stars
  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds
  • Material: Textilene
Why we like it
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Durable fabric.
  • Comfortable and spacious design.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable and lightweight.
What You Should Know
  • You cannot sink down into the chair because of the unavailability of the headrest

FLAMROSE Upgraded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

FLAMOROSE exceptional technology of providing Zero Gravity and stress-free sitting enhances your chilling experience during camping. I have rated it as third on my list of best camping chair because of the innovative technology it has brought for us. However, The downside is also considerable.

FLAMROSE offers a unique zero gravity technology that positions your body in a way that you feel stress-free and weightless. The mechanism works by elevating your feet to the level of your heart that minimizes gravity’s force on your body.

It is a great recliner that offers multiple lounging positions with foam pillows made from the finest fabric. It comes with a strong locking system and a powder-coated finish that supports a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. It comes with an adjustable headrest and lumbar support that offers added comfort to your sitting experience. It has a user-friendly design that does not take much space and time to assemble.

The only downside I found is the size. It is suitable only for the petite and medium heighted people. It cannot accommodate oversized people.


  • Amazon Rating: 3.9 stars
  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds
  • Material: Textilene
Why we like it
  • Great reclining design and locking system.
  • Compact and durable.
  • Greater weight capacity of 400 pounds.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Padded with headrest and lumbar support.
What You Should Know
  • It is not suitable for bulky people.

Moon Lence Outdoor Ultralight Portable Folding Chairs

Moon Lence Outdoor is a multi-purpose foldable chair that is exemplary for its compactness and assembly. It requires minimal assembly with easy to wash design. The versatility has brought it to be one of the topper of the list.

Moon Lence Outdoor camping chair is a super-light and highly durable chair featuring 600 D Oxford cloth with a robust aluminum alloy frame that adds into its sturdiness. The chair is super-light weighing only 2 pounds but afford to withstand about 242 pounds of weight. It has a unique design that offers a great sitting experience during camping. The seat is made up of a soft and breathable fabric that is relaxing and offers supreme comfort.

It has a portable and compact design that is convenient for traveling during camping. Both mesh and holders can be folded easily and adjusted in your backpack. Another favorable factor that differentiates it from the rest of the ordinary chairs is the cleaning and washing process. This chair is extremely easy-to-wash and requires you to clean it by using soap water. Another reason to choose the product on the list is its versatility. This chair is multi-purpose and versatile and can be used for camping, fishing, hiking and other adventures.


  • Amazon Rating: 4.3 star
  • Weight capacity: 242 pounds / 110kg
  • Material: 600 D Oxford cloth
Why we like it
  • Multipurpose and useful for all adventures.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Greatly foldable.
  • Examplary weight capacity.
  • Easily washable
What You Should Know
  • It is slightly shaky / not sturdy

Oztrail Goliath 250kg Rating Folding Camping Picnic Arm Chair

Oztrail Goliath camping chair is remarkable for its matchless durability featuring replaceable alloy feet hubs for long life. Thanks to the Enormous weight capacity that offers great and comfortable sitting even for the oversized and bulky people.

Oztrail Goliath Folding camping chair is the most recommended model if you are long-heighted and bulky and do not have budget constraint. This folding chair is sturdy enough to bear up to 250 Kg of weight that differentiates it from other ordinary camping chairs. The armchair is also equipped with replaceable alloy feet hubs that makes it super-strong and durable.

It is a fully padded chair having a high back support and built-in headrest to lean on comfortably. Other value-added features are the oversized pockets and insulated drink holders equipped with alloy bottle opener to add convenience to your experience. The package also includes heavy-duty zippered carrying bag with shoulder strap to transport the chair anywhere. The front legs are positioned to stabilize and provide extra reinforcement support to the chair.


  • Amazon Rating:3.3
  • Weight capacity: 250 Kg
  • Material: 22mm High Tensile steel frame and 1200 D Polyester Fabric
Why we like it
  • Replaceble alloy feet hub for long life.
  • Comes with a zippered carrying bag.
  • Equipped with a cooling storage and bottle openers.
  • High tensile steel frame construction.
  • Armed with oversized storage pockets.
  • Greater weight bearing capacity.
  • Extra reinforcement support.
What You Should Know
  • The chair is a bit pricier but worth it

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