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Our Pick Of The Best Caravan Awnings [2024]

The ultimate guide to choosing the right product for your situation.

A preview of the best Caravan Awnings

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The best part about camping is enjoying the outdoors, but when the sun is beaming down, it makes sense to have an awning on your caravan!

Most caravans will come fitted with an external awning that will give protection alongside your caravan allowing you to sit comfortably knowing you are protected by the sun and rain.

If you are in the market for a new awning then there are many things to consider such as size, material and how to use the awning (see more in our buyers guide).

In this article we will take a look at 5 great awnings on the market today suitable for Aussie caravans.

  1. Dometic 8700 Manual Awning 19′ Charcoal Black
  2. Dometic PerfectRoof 2500 Awning, 12 volt, 4 m Grey horizon fabric / Antracite grey cassette
  3. Carefree 144inch/12FT SILVERFADE WHT Altitude Awning with LED Lightbar. FY1446D00RA
  4. Dometic PerfectWall 1500 Awning, manual, 3.5 m Grey horizon fabric / White cassette
  5. Carefree18 Feet

A Quick Buying Guide to find the Best Caravan Awnings

There are multiple manufacturers available in the market that comes up with high-end awnings every year containing superb features. Choosing the right one from thousands of products available in the market is a true hassle. But we made it plains sailing for our valuable customers. After reviewing multiple products, we get to know about the basic features that will be helpful for you. Here are the points to keep in mind while purchasing a product:


Whether you’re going to purchase any device or an awning for your caravan, the first thing that matters the most is your budget. One has to check the amount you’ve to purchase the product that falls under your budget range. However, the higher the price more efficient will be the product but still; you can get excellent features in an affordable product as well.

Poles Vs Inflatable

The traditional method of setting up awning at the caravan is through the poles. However, with the inflatable beams which are quite user-friendly, this method becomes outdated. Additionally, the caravan awnings are available with high support and a popular frame.

Different Types

Well, the type mainly depends on the awning usage or the purpose for which you’re going to buy this product. If you need to stay inside the campsite for months, then there are large awnings with full coverage are available in the market. However, if you are moving in your RV or caravan, then you must require the porch alternative, especially in good weather then the porch awnings offered by the manufacturers is the best option. Choose the one that you need the most.

Easy To Use

An awning must be simple to use otherwise requiring a professional every time you make the setup will be hard. Furthermore folding or flattening the awning must be easy and hassle-free otherwise it will ruin all your charm of sitting outside in good weather. The products we mentioned above are no doubt simple to use which you can effortlessly take out or fold them on the go.


The awnings must provide excellent security and protection from the sun or rain. One has to get the product with the weatherproof capability or the one which at least protects you from the sun rays or the heavy rain. During summers you can get yourself save from the harmful sun rays but still enjoy the beautiful places through the awning. Similarly, one can sit under the shade in heavy rain to refresh your soul through the splendid weather.


What’s the point of buying an awning which tears off after a week or within a few days? Right? When you are already buying and spending money on a product, then why not go for the excellent ones. If for the high quality you need to spend few extra money then don’t back off and arrange the amount. It will be a wise decision to invest a high price instead of buying the same product again and again, which will in the end costs you a double amount.

Awning Materials

The awnings must be made up of high-end material with the capability to stop UV rays and rain from reaching out to you. One has to get the product with the weatherproof quality material that will help you to sit outside in any weather. However, you can also check the fabric eligibility through the thickness of the material. Additionally, the high rated fabric will have more excellent capability to control rain or rays from crossing the material.

Awning Maintenance

Having an awning with the high maintenance requirement will put you in trouble for sure. Who wants to clean the fabric before opening it up every time you need to sit outside? This will be a turn off for your exciting mood for sure. However, choosing the one with low maintaining will be the best option for you.

Awning Dimensions / Measurement

An awning must be wide enough to cover you completely. What will be the use of it if you need to sit outside the shade under the sun or wind, right? Whether you are a one-person or more a canopy length and width must be good enough to give you proper shade. Choose the one that comes with the complete shade in which you can easily sit without any hassle.

Top rated Caravan Awnings to buy online

Dometic 8700 Manual Awning 19′ Charcoal Black

The first product we choose for the best caravan awnings is Dometic 8700 manual awing 19. Those who are looking for excellent protection from the sun for lawn or outdoor places must consider this one. It comes with a strong build-up and provides excellent protection from the sun or rain. Furthermore, it has an excellent quality, robust construction and gives superb shade.
Who does not want to protect their home from harmful sun rays and rain, right? By covering your windows with these shades, you’ll be able to save your caravan from the sun and rain. This has an easy setup and simple to use. Furthermore, with these shades, you’ll easily extend the living space as well. One can also use it in the RV’s and enjoy the beautiful places by sitting under the shade.
This helps you to stop at your favorite place, whether it is rain outside or sunlight strikes your head just open the shade at your RV and enjoy the views. Due to these, you’ll get more replacing hours and enjoy the ambience of places you love the most. It protects you against bad weather conditions includes rain, storms, sunlight, and wind.
No doubt this awning helps you to increase the space as well. Now it depends on you about how to adjust the space. Just cover the additional space with windows, fly screens, lightning, and doors to adjust anyone at the additional space. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the shaded comfort anywhere anytime. It is made up of durable materials and has excellent longevity as well. Those who are RV enthusiasts would love to have it. The fabric used in it is UV-protected vinyl reinforced fabric and no doubt a heavy-duty material. Moreover, the vinyl handle and cam lock system hold this shade securely, and a single person can easily set it.

Why we like it
  • The locking system is secure.
  • Time-saving set up.
  • High-quality fabric.
  • A reliable setup is made up of durable material.
  • Excellent shade.
What You Should Know
  • Cleaning is not easy.

Dometic PerfectRoof 2500 Awning, 12 volt, 4 m Grey horizon fabric / Antracite grey cassette

The second product on our list is Dometic perfect roof 2500. This is the best shade mainly for the caravans or RV. It perfectly fits on the vehicle length 2.75m. However, don’t worry about the aerodynamics of the vehicle it will not get affected by the awning. It is made up of 100% aluminium the makes it extra waterproof and protects it from shock as well.

The awning has a patented lock available at both sides which provides perfect closing and delivers superb safety. One can operate the running gear with the telescopic crank. Most of the vehicles of various heights can easily adapt to it. It has low weight due to the design made according to the housing design. Don’t worry about the rain or sunrays this will protect you from every weather condition.

However, it will not take your much time just unbox it and adjust the awning at the right place. The flip locking system is easy and efficient to use. The product is made up of vinyl material along with a transparent coating. It has a length of 4 meters with the 2.5 meters extension available. However, the operation is possible with the 12v manual override.

Why we like it
  • High-quality material.
  • Weatherproof.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Patented lock system
  • 2.5-meter extension
What You Should Know
  • Expensive

Carefree 144inch/12FT SILVERFADE WHT Altitude Awning with LED Lightbar. FY1446D00RA

The next product we have on the list is a carefree 14 inch with an LED light bar. If you are looking for an affordable product, then this one is for you. This is such an effective awning that protects you from the sun and rain. Is there amazing weather outside? Just sit under this shade to enjoy the splendid atmosphere. It is made up of robust quality, and one can simply set it. It helps to provide you extended living space.

With this awning, you’ll get an option to stop and enjoy your dream place. How? Just turn off the engine and take out the tables and chairs but don’t forget the coffee cup. You can spend so many relaxing hours outside at your favorite place with a cup of coffee, to refresh your soul and enhance your mood. This product delivers excellent protection against the rain, that means you can even enjoy the winter rains at the perfect scenario of your choice with this awning.

This product makes the outdoors the coolest part of your RV. With this, you can make RV living simply beautiful by providing ultimate entertainment and connectivity options. It comes with the latest technologies, including Bluetooth which is enabled on the smartphone app through which you cane extent or fold the awning. Furthermore, you can turn off or on the LED lights and adjust the carefree sensitivity to wind as well.

Why we like it
  • Memory pitch.
  • Incredible pitch adjustments.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Wonderful quality.
  • LED lighting.
What You Should Know
  • LED maintenance is a true hassle.

Dometic PerfectWall 1500 Awning, manual, 3.5 m Grey horizon fabric / White cassette

Dometic Perfectwall 1500 Awning is the next product we choose for our valuable customers. This is considered the lightweight shade available in the market. It comes in different lengths up to 5.5 meters. Moreover, you can even extend the canopy to 2.5 meters. One can manually operate the telescopic crank to simply and quickly make the setup.

To get the shades on all you need to do is to pull the awning and land up it to settle down the chairs under the shadow. Furthermore, you can use this product for the quick lunch or coffee breaks that provide you with the ability to quickly fold. Just fold down the support legs to the ground to get the peace that you’ve been looking for.

This is a waterproof product which you can mount anywhere easily. To get the push button operation, all you need is the 12V override. Furthermore, due to the lightweight setting up and mounting of the awning is quite easier. No doubt the construction is sturdy so you’ll not worry about the tearing off of the shade. It comes with the 24kg of weight and 3.5 meters length along with the 2.5 meters extensions.

Why we like it
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy setup
  • Good extension
What You Should Know
  • It does not combat the bad weather properly.

Carefree18 Feet

The last product we have on the list is carefree 18 feet awning. It comes with excellent construction and made up of high-quality material. When you rolled up the awning, it will protect you from the UV rays, weather and wind as well. However, this is one of the favorite awnings for caravan users. It is available in two finished including Dune stripes and shale fades.

The next amazing thing about this awning is the colorful LED strip that you can even see from the 20m away. A good weather, especially in the evening and LED lights with a good view outside, a coffee and blanket will be the best combo for sure. However, the product has the remote and travel locks so you’ll not need to fumble for the lock. Furthermore, it has a rugged construction and heavy-duty brackets which will never make it fall down anywhere.

You’ll not need the binding while setting the setup or during the storage process. The length of this awning is 18 feet and comes with the warranty of 1 year. Moreover, the shade is good enough to protect you.

Why we like it
  • Budget-friendly.
  • User friendly.
  • Good LED lights.
  • Easy setup.
  • Rugged construction.
What You Should Know
  • Not weatherproof.

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