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Last updated: 12 March 2023

Say goodbye to being bogged! Get your beloved 4×4 out of trouble with an electric winch

Getting bogged is something every 4×4 enthusiast will encounter at some point, unless of course you never take your 4×4 offroad (we all know those people!). Whilst getting bogged on the beach can be easy to get out of with some tracks and a snatch strap, however when bogged deep in mud in the middle of a forest you will need some powered assistance to get you free – this is where a 4wd winch will help.

Electric 4×4 winches come in all sorts of configurations including:

  • Rear-mounted
  • Bullbar mounted
  • Portable
  • Wireless Remote or Corded Remote

Anyway, let’s get straight into our 4×4 winch reviews. In our opinion, the best winches are:

Best 4WD Winch for 2024

rugcel 2000lb 4x4 winch

Your Guide to buying a 4×4 Winch

Before going to buy a winch, the most important thing to understand what the Winch actually is and how it functions so that you may be able to make the right decision.

What is a Winch?

Winches have been a piece of popular equipment to lift and pull up the heavy objects or vehicles. It is the simplest but the most common way to tow the large objects. However, technology has brought many changes to the device. This ancient technique works wonders when your vehicle is stuck. Nowadays, it comes with a lot of features that make your life a bit more easy and hassle-free like water-resistance and remote control, etc.   

What are the components of a winch

The simple Winch has now transformed into a mechanical device that is s combination of many electrical and mechanical components. Each component is inevitable and serves an important purpose to carry out the primary function. So, find out the detailed study of these components in order to make a reasonable decision.

A Cable Wire

The first component of the Winch is the cable wire. The cable wire is found in two types according to the material i.e., the steel cable or the synthetic cable. The length of the cable wire may lie between 50 to 100 feet. This wire is wrapped around the Winch’s drum in order to prevent it from the mess. The cable comes in two types i.e., the synthetic rope and the steel cable. 

The synthetic rope is affordable and lightweight. In addition, it is a safer option than the steel cable, which may hurt your hands. However, the steel cable is remarkably sturdy and needs lesser repairs and maintenance than the synthetic cable. 

A Drum

A Drum is another significant part of the Winch that wraps the cable wire around. The Winch consists of a spool that moves the drum in a circular way to wind the cable.

A Motor

The Winch consists of a motor that turns the drum on so that it may be able to wrap the cable around to wind the cable in and out in order to lift the vehicle. Nowadays, winches feature an electrical motor that speeds up its function to a great extent.

A Gear Train

A gear train is energized by the motor, which uses the power to lift heavy objects.

How the Winch Works?

These components work together when you want to lift a heavy object. Now it is important to understand how a 4×4 winch works.

The cable wire must be attached to the object you want to tow. Then the motor is powered to energize the spool that pulls the cable back around the drum. In this way, the object that is attached comes along the cable. You can tow the heaviest object through this simple but powerful mechanism.

4x4 winch australia

How to choose the right Winch for your vehicle

There are several factors you should ponder over in order to decide which Winch you must buy. Here are some of the most significant factors that can influence your buying decision.

Work out the weight of the vehicle.

The first and the most significant factor that must be considered is to determine the weight of your vehicle. You should buy the Winch that may be able to tow your vehicle effortlessly. Buy a winch that offers at least two times greater weight capacity than the weight of your vehicle. However, as the general rule, the Winch with a greater weight capacity should be preferred even if you don’t exactly know the weight of your vehicle.

Capacity rating of Winch

The capacity of the Winch refers to the amount of weight it may be able to withstand. Each Winch comes with a capacity rating, so it is important to get the one that may be able to tow your vehicle’s weight efficiently. You should significantly look for the capacity rating before buying a specific winch.

Mounting options

There are several mounting options you can adopt in order to mount your Winch. These options are reliable, as well as stylish. Here are some of the most famous mounting types.

Bumper Mount

The bumper mounts are easy to install and the most commonly used mounts. These mounts are available in several finishes, including stainless steel and chrome, etc. They are sturdy and appear quite good on the vehicle.

Hidden Mount

It is a small mount that is hidden behind the bumper. The mount does not change your vehicle’s look, and it seems like you are towing the object directly from the bumper.  


This multi-mount is used by the riders who do not want to install the mount permanently. It comes with a carrier and a receiver.

Winch Bumper

This Winch looks like the part of the bumper, so it is loved by the drivers who do not want to ruin the look of their vehicle by installing a traditional winch.

Steel Cable or Synthetic Cable

The cable comes in two options i.e., the steel cable and the synthetic cable. The steel cable is very durable, affordable, and easy to maintain while the synthetic cables are lighter and easy to handle, but they may need more repair and maintenance than the steel cable because they wear down from the exposure to the sun, UV rays, and chemicals, etc. Moreover, they are also safe, and you can easily perform the function without any injury. 

Length of cable

The length of the cable varies Winch to Winch. It may lie between 50 to 150 meters.


Warranty of the Winch matters a lot, especially for those who want to buy a reliable device. It also confirms the durability of the equipment you buy so better to look for the Winch that comes with a considerable warranty so that you may be able to get a refund or get the part repaired or replaced if found damaged.

Popular 4WD Winch Questions

Q. Do I need a winch for my 4×4?

A large number of people will actually never require a winch, but for those who actually use their vehicle offroad then a winch is recommended. If you are driving in remote areas where the roads are not sealed it’s highly likely at some point you will become bogged and require tools to get your vehicle free. This is where a winch can come in handy.

Q. How strong should my 4×4 winch be?

There is a simple rule of thumb that any winch should be 1.5 times stronger than the weight of the item it is pulling. So if your vehicle is 1000kg, then the winch should have a capacity of 1500kg.

Q. How do you double the pulling power of a 4×4 winch?

By using a pulley block you can increase the pulling power of a winch. This is physics 101.

Top rated 4x4 Winch to buy online

xbull 12000lb 4x4 winch

X-BULL NEW 12000LB Electric Winch Wireless Steel Cable 12V 5454kg 2x Remote 4WD, Car tool.

Pull your vehicle like a pro with this powerful 4×4 Winch offering exceptional strength and durability. This Winch delivers high power and performance to get your car out of any challenging situation.  Moreover, it comes with a lot of value-added features that make it a favorable choice.

This remotely controlled mechanical device delivers quiet operations. It features a potent 4.5 KW motor that can withstand 12000 LBs load efficiently. It is equipped with an automatic load-holding brake powered by at least 650 CCA battery. It is an excellent fit for most vehicles and arrives with a 26 meters sturdy steel cable.

In addition, this 4×4 Winch uses a three-stage planetary gear system and a 4-way roller fairlead. The housing is waterproof and corrosion-resistant, adding value to its durability. All in all, it is best in a few bucks and provides excellent value for the money you spend.

Why we like it
  • Equipped with powerful 4.5 KW motor
  • Remotely controlled mechanical Winch
  • It has a Corrosion-resistant machine.
  • Quiet operations
  • Great weight capacity
What You Should Know
  • The remote keeps shutting off and on.

WARN 103250 VR EVO 8 Standard Duty Winch with Steel Cable Synthetic Rope 12,000 lbs

WARN 103250 VR EVO 8, Standard Duty Winch, with Steel Cable Synthetic Rope 12,000 lbs.

WARN 103250 is a top-tier heavy-duty winch used to pull your vehicle out or lift it from any situation. Having a pulling capacity of 12000 Lbs weight, this 4×4 Winch is an exceptional choice without spending a fortune. The Winch is manufactured by the WARN engineers claiming it to be one of the sturdiest winches you will ever come across.

Moreover, it has an intelligent design with a fast line-speed that adds value to it. The high-strength motor is exemplary, offering a planetary gear train for smooth and powerful pulling ability. The Winch comes with 2 in 1 remote that has both of the options, wired and wireless, so you can use it according to your ease and convenience.

This Winch has a waterproof and corrosion-resistant construction backed by a sturdy cast-aluminum tie-plate offering greater strength. The Winch has a resilient steel cable suitable for two-door jeeps and SUVs for casual use. In addition, this Winch comes with very durable mechanical parts, and the limited lifetime warranty confirms their reliability. Moreover, the electrical parts have a seven years warranty confirming its resilience.

Why we like it
  • Great weight pulling capacity
  • Comes with both operating options, wired and wireless
  • Suitable for casual use
What You Should Know
  • rather expensive

OPENROAD 9500lbs Electric Winch with Rope

OPEN ROAD 9500lbs Electric Winch with Rope, 12V Waterproof 4WD Winch Kit, Come with Hawse Fairlead, Wireless Handheld Remote Control Truck Winch

Here is another 4×4 model that delivers remarkable power to lift your vehicle. This Winch has a weight-lifting capacity of 9500 Lbs, which is an exceptional number if you are going to use the Winch for casual purpose. A notable feature is the overload protector that you will not get in the ordinary winches. This function powers the Winch off when the load exceeds the maximum weight capacity to keep your Winch safe.

In addition, OPENROAD winch has an automatic braking system that does not let it release the cable as soon as the winch powers off. It is equipped with a 4KW motor that is controlled remotely. Moreover, the Winch features a 2-stage Planetary gear train that makes the functions smoother.

OPENROAD electric is waterproof and extremely easy to setup. You can get it started with the help of the instruction manual conveniently. In addition, this Winch comes with all the important accessories like a fairlead, a sturdy clevis hook, a wired and also a wireless remote, fittings, mounting plate, and a control box.

Why we like it
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to setup
  • Automatic braking
What You Should Know
  • Less weight capacity than other models

Mile Marker 15000lb 4x4 Winch

Mile Marker 76-50260W SEC15(ES) Truck/SUV Premium Sealed Electric Winch – 15,000 lb. Capacity, 1 Pack

You might have heard that big things come in small packages. The saying is true for the high-strength Mile Marker Winch. This Winch is lightweight and small but does not compromise on the performance, and this is the reason it is one of our top picks.

If you want to buy a superior electrical winch with a great weight-lifting capacity, then Mile Marker premium electric winch is a must buy. It has a 15000 Lbs load-capacity that is sufficient to pull large vehicles like Trucks and SUVs etc. Featuring a sturdy 3-stage Planetary gear train and a high-power motor, this Winch is able to deliver exceptional performance you always need to lift your vehicle effortlessly in any situation.

The Winch is waterproof, mud proof, and snow proof and can easily be mounted on the vehicle. The black-colored body is rust-resistant, increasing its durability. The remotely controlled Winch comes with a cable, roller fairlead, remote control, hook, and tie rods.

Why we like it
  • High-strength motor
  • Incredible load capacity
  • Waterproof and rust-resistant
  • Lightweight and compact body
  • 3-stage Planetary gear train
What You Should Know
  • n/a

Novawinch 12500 lbs 4x4 winch

12500LBS Electric Winch IP67 Synthetic Rope 9.5x26m Off-Road 4WD 4×4 Truck Jeep

NOWVOW introduces another great winch that is loved by off-road enthusiasts. The Winch can effortlessly lift large vehicles like the trucks and jeeps. It is equipped with the powerful motor and resilient housing that can withstand the load up to 12500 Lbs. In addition, it has a sturdy synthetic rope with a 3-stage planetary gear train for better performance.

The electric Winch can be controlled through a wired and a wireless remote. It is very easy to assemble and mount on the vehicle. The body is corrosion-resistant and rustproof, confirming its reliability and durability.

The most attractive feature is its price that will definitely grab your attention. If you want to buy a reliable device in a few bucks, then NOWVOW electric winch is a considerable choice.

Why we like it
  • Reasonable price
  • Great load-capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Waterproof and corrosion-resistant body
  • It uses three-stage planetary gear for better performance
What You Should Know
  • Quite expensive

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