OPEN ROAD 9500lbs Electric Winch with Rope, 12V Waterproof 4WD Winch Kit, Come with Hawse Fairlead, Wireless Handheld Remote Control Truck Winch Review [2024]

OPENROAD 9500lbs Electric Winch with Rope

Here is another 4×4 model that delivers remarkable power to lift your vehicle. This Winch has a weight-lifting capacity of 9500 Lbs, which is an exceptional number if you are going to use the Winch for casual purpose. A notable feature is the overload protector that you will not get in the ordinary winches. This function powers the Winch off when the load exceeds the maximum weight capacity to keep your Winch safe.

In addition, OPENROAD winch has an automatic braking system that does not let it release the cable as soon as the winch powers off. It is equipped with a 4KW motor that is controlled remotely. Moreover, the Winch features a 2-stage Planetary gear train that makes the functions smoother.

OPENROAD electric is waterproof and extremely easy to setup. You can get it started with the help of the instruction manual conveniently. In addition, this Winch comes with all the important accessories like a fairlead, a sturdy clevis hook, a wired and also a wireless remote, fittings, mounting plate, and a control box.

What we like

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to setup
  • Automatic braking

What we don't like

  • Less weight capacity than other models

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