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Best Camping Toilet For Australia [2024]

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If there is one creature comfort to take camping, it would have to be a portable toilet!

Getting outdoors and going camping can be a lovely experience, made even better if you are prepared and have a few pieces of equipment to make life in the bush or beach just a little more comfortable. I’m sure the majority of women campers out there would agree that a camping toilet is high on their list of items to pack in the camper or truck every trip.

A camping toilet doesn’t have to break the bank. There is a wide range of options available for all budgets and styles of camping! In cases where there are no public toilets, a camping toilet is actually required by law with the waste to be disposed of at a designated dropoff area. In cases like this, it’s best to get a camping toilet that ticks all the right boxes.

Anyway, enough toilet talk, let’s get straight into our camping toilet comparison and reviews. In our opinion, the best camping toilets are:

  1. Weisshorn 20L Portable Outdoor Camping Toilet with Carry Bag- Grey
  2. Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet
  3. Reliance Products Hassock Portable Lightweight Self-Contained Toilet
  4. SereneLife unisex-adult SereneLife Portable Toilet
  5. Reliance Products Fold-to-Go Collapsible Portable Toilet.

How to Choose a Portable Camping Toilet


The main factor to be considered while buying a portable camping toilet is the portability of the toilet. You want something which can be easily moved from one place to another, same goes for most camping items such as camping chairs and tents. The kind of portability you would wish to have depends highly on the type of camping you will be doing. It should be easy to carry no matter you are going to the campsite in a car or hiking to reach your destination. You want a very compact and light-weight toilet which you can carry around easily.


While selecting a portable toilet, the size of the toilet should not be ignored. For camping, the recommendation is the smaller, the better. A portable toilet should be compact enough to make space for itself with other luggage. You have to make sure that the measurements of the collapsed toilet seat are as per the carrier you will be travelling in so that it can fit in well.  


A portable camping toilet has to be light-weight. Some toilets are portable and compact, but they are pretty heavy. Camping is all about carrying light. You don’t want to get into the hassle of getting a heavy toilet and then tire yourself by moving it from one place to another. Hence, this feature should not be ignored.

Strong and sturdy

The toilet you want to buy should be sturdy and robust to handle your weight while you sit on it. You don’t want to invest in a toilet, which is of poor quality and cannot tolerate weight on it. A quivering toilet, while you are using it, is the last thing you would want to happen during your time at the camping. It should be stable, durable, and long-lasting.

Simple Design

This feature is essential, especially from a travelling point of view. When you are travelling, you don’t want to carry any such thing which can become a hassle. Opt for a portable toilet that has a simple design. Fancy toilets can become troublesome to handle while travelling. They look stunning, but it can get challenging to pack them and carry, especially while hiking.

Easy to clean

Cleaning toilets sounds disgusting, but you have to do it, especially when you are carrying one with you while camping. A low-maintenance portable toilet is what you should look for. It should be easy to clean. You don’t want to spend more time cleaning it rather than enjoying it at the campsite. It should have lesser crannies and corners to clean. A simple, straight-forward design is what you should look for.


This is the most important feature which you have to consider while selecting a portable toilet. You want a product that has odour-management features in it. Toilets with double seal should be preferred as they prevent odour from spreading around the toilet area. Make sure the seal of the toilet closes correctly without any issues. That also causes the odour to spread.


Privacy is another feature that is not to be ignored. There are portable toilets that come with a proper privacy system. They include miniature tents that provide enough space to sit on the toilet comfortably. These tents can be bought separately as well. If buying a tent separately, make sure it’s the right size for the model you have purchased. A tent would also be ideal if you plan on using a camping shower.

Waste Disposal

This is a feature that needs proper thought-process. How is the waste going to be disposed of? Mostly portable toilets come with disposable bags that are attached to them. These bags have to be changed whenever you want to use the toilet. Make sure the seat has proper support for handling the bag; you don’t want the bag to fall while you are using it. Also, select the brand which offers biodegradable bags that don’t harm the environment when you dispose of them. 


This is one of the essential features. The toilet has to be comfortable no matter what. Portable toilets can be very uncomfortable, and you don’t want to buy any such product which might make you regret later. Select the model which has a wider seat for better support and is not small in height. You will be in a squatting position because that is how much high portable toilets are generally. The shape and size of the seat should be according to your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you poop in a portable camping toilet?

Yes, you can poop in a portable camping toilet. There are mainly three types of portable toilets -Bucket, compost, and chemical.

Compost and chemical toilets have the same features, and there are two trap doors in a portable toilet – one for “pee” and the other for “poop.” When you have to poop, there is a lever on the side of the toilet that opens a kind of “trap door” to trap poop. It is so simple! But make sure you close it when you are done.

Besides, the bucket toilet also comes with waste bags which allows easy disposal. So, whether you are on a camping holiday in the forest or enjoying your weekend on a boat, managing a portable camping toilet won’t be a nasty task.

How do you empty a camping toilet?

Camping is not all about sitting around the bonfire, telling stories, and eating with your friends but more than that. You cannot ignore other tasks – cleaning the tent, washing, drying your clothes, and last but not the least disposing of human waste. 

Emptying and disposing the waste bag varies depending on the portable toilet you are using. For example, bucket toilets come with waste bags; once it is full of human waste, remove and tie the waste bag carefully and throw it in the designated disposal area. 

If you are using any other caravan toilet, then first look for the disposal area where you can empty and wash it. Then take your portable toilet for unloading carefully to the allocated area. Keep in mind the disposal areas can vary. Now remove the cap from the top of the spout of your waste holding tank and prepare it for emptying. Once you are done with pouring out the waste onto the grid or disposal tank, wash it off and refill it with fresh water (if required).

How often do you need to empty a camping toilet?

It totally depends on the use of a camping toilet like how many people are using it and in which climate it is being used. For example, if you are traveling with two people, your caravan toilet tank will probably be full in about two to three days.

So, to give an idea, if you are using a chemical toilet, its 20-liter tank probably fills in three days. There are also portable toilets available with handy indicators on the front, which tell the users when it is full and needs to be emptied.

But you should not wait until the last moment, instead clean it frequently. After all, the fuller the tank will be, the harder it will be for you to carry from the camp and bring it to the designated disposal point.

What chemicals do you need for a camping toilet?

The chemicals come in liquid and tablet form, so you have the option two choose amongst the two as per your convenience. Chemicals used in the chemical toilet will help kill germs, and help mask smell. So, choose the portable toilet chemical carefully as they work in different ways.

Even if you have a larger tank for a camping toilet, you still need chemicals to treat the human waste. These chemicals not only break down the waste but also eliminate smell and reduce gas build-up.

Keep in mind; you add chemicals to the waste tank before you use it for the first time and after that each time the tank is emptied. Plus, handle all the chemicals with care and ensure that they are safely kept at a place where kids and animals cannot reach.

Can you empty a camping toilet into a normal toilet?

No, you cannot flush a camping toilet into a regular toilet. The tank should be emptied into a sewage system. Emptying your camping toilet waste can pose hygiene problems, and the chemicals can kill the bacteria that make the infected system work. If you cannot find an authentic emptying area, your only option will be to empty your toilet’s waste into a regular toilet.

How to stop a portable camping toilet from smelling?

The smell inside a portable toilet can get very strong if you don’t clean it regularly. It can also make it unbearable for you to stand near it. So, to avoid this situation and keep portable camping toilets from smelling bad, using an air freshener and cleaning tablet can be helpful. Besides, there are solutions that deodorize your portable toilet and help keep the unit smelling fresh.

But one of the most common things you should do is open the door and let the toilet ventilate regularly. Try to find a time when people are unlikely to use a caravan toilet and keep the door open for at least half an hour. 

Top rated camping toilet to buy online

Weisshorn 20L Portable Outdoor Camping Toilet

Weisshorn 20L portable camping toilet is another great option for a portable toilet with a rating of 5.0 stars. It can make a considerable choice due to its attractive features.

Weisshorn has come up with this product, which is absolutely easy to use and easy to clean. While camping, our main concern is to use a clean toilet and what can be better than a portable toilet, which has the facility of flushing. This product lets you flush up to 50 flushes with 12-liter freshwater capacity in it. It does not require external water connections for flushing. The detachable waste tank has a 20-liter capacity and is easy to clean.

This product is sturdy enough to handle weight up to 200 kgs. It has been made with durable material and is extremely hygienic. The drain valve has been protected by double seals to prevent leakage. A seat cover is attached to it prevent water from leaking while travelling. It comes with a bag in which you can easily pack it and carry it.


  • Amazon rating: 5.0 stars
  • Weight: 6.20 Kgs
  • Dimensions: 41 x 37 x 44
Why we like it
  • Strong and sturdy built
  • 200 kg of weight capacity
  • Durable and safe
  • Strong flushes
  • Large flow outlet
  • Easy to clean
What You Should Know
  • Big in size
  • Takes up space in the trunk
  • A little heavy to carry

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet

Cleanwaste tops our list with a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.0. It has been ranked the number of my list because of the features it offers.

If you are looking for an easy to use and a compact camping toilet, then this is the right option for you. The Cleanwaste is extremely easy to use. You can set up it in as less as three seconds. It has locking legs; hence no assembly is required. All you have to do is to open the cover and the legs; you have a portable toilet ready for use.

The best thing about this product is that its folds just like a briefcase and has a built-in handle which makes it easy both storage and carriage. It has a strong and sturdy built and can support up to 500 lbs weight. The locking three legs design enables stability on uneven ground. The seat is comfortable, and bowl dimensions are the same as a standard toilet. This toilet comes with a mesh holder that prevents the disposable waste kit from slipping.


  • Amazon rating 4.3 stars
  • Weight: 3.72 kgs
  • Dimensions: 48.3 x 10.2 x 38.1 cm
  • Weight capacity: Up to 500 pounds
  • Size: One size
Why we like it
  • Sets up within a few seconds
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Strong and sturdy built
  • The three legs can lock hence no fear of falling
  • Mesh bag to hold the waste kit
What You Should Know
  • Over-priced
  • Spare bags are expensive
  • Difficult to unfold legs because of hard plastic

Reliance Products Hassock Portable Lightweight Self-Contained Toilet

The next on my list is Reliance’s Hassock portable toilet, which comes with a rating of 4.2 stars. Let’s have a look at it in more detail below.

Hassock is a self-contained toilet, which makes it another good option for camping. It’s ideal for camping and for keeping on the boat while you catch some fish. It comes with a contoured seat, which makes it comfortable, just like a chair. It is portable and extremely light-weight. You can carry it easily from one place to another.

The best about this product is that it comes with a toilet paper dispenser in the lid, which makes it easier for you to wipe yourself. The inner bucket can be removed easily without touching the waste. All you have to do is to remove the seat and empty the bucket. The removable inner bucket is compatible with Reliance’s standard double doodie bag. You can easily put it inside the bucket and remove it when you are done. No hassle of cleaning the bucket, and there is no risk of touching the waste. It is backed up with a five-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.


  • Amazon rating 4.2 stars
  • Weight: 2.27 Kgs
  • Dimensions: 14.7 x 14.7 x 14 inches
  • Material type: Plastic
Why we like it
  • Portable and light-weight
  • Easily removable doodie bag
  • Comes with a toilet paper dispenser
  • 5-years warranty
What You Should Know
  • Wobbles due to uneven bottom
  • Seat dimensions are small
  • Not very sturdy

SereneLife unisex-adult SereneLife Portable Toilet

If you wish to have a comfortable time at camping and not worry about nature calls, then this is the right product for you. Having a rating of 4.4 stars at the Amazon, this product is not to be missed if you are a regular camper.

Some people prefer having a toilet which looks like an actual toilet when they are camping or travelling. This is the perfect option for people who camp regularly and for families who love to travel and have children with them. It comes with an extra-large toilet tank of 5.3 gallons. It holds more waste as compared to other products of this league.

The level indicator lets you know when it is time to empty the tank. Don’t worry about the odours. It has been secured with double seals, which prevent the bad odours from spreading around. It is effortless to empty the tank with the rotating pour sprout, which has been installed for your convenience. The 3-way pistol flush ensures the waste has been drained in the waste tank. It has a capacity of 3.2 gallons of fresh water for flushing. It includes a carrying case, which makes it easier to move.


  • Amazon rating: 4.4 stars
  • Weight: 11.25 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 14.6 x 16.9 inches
  • Weight capacity: 250+ pounds
Why we like it
  • 3-way pistol flush
  • Sealed waste tank preventing odour from coming out
  • Waste level indicator
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoors
What You Should Know
  • The seat is small
  • It is difficult to clean
  • It is heavy

Reliance Products Fold-to-Go Collapsible Portable Toilet

The second last product on my list is the Reliance products Fold-to-Go portable toilet. If you don’t like to carry hefty things with you while you travel, then this is the right option for you. It is compact and portable, and it will not take much space in your car.

A delight for campers and hikers. This product is your go-to option if you want something portable and compact. It measures only five inches when it is folded and weighs 4 kgs. You can carry it easily up to the mountains, on a boat or in a car. Its leg locking system ensures a stable grip on any surface. It is sturdy enough to hold down weight up to 300 lbs.

The Fold-to-Go comes with an integrated handle, which makes it easier to carry. It also includes one Double Doodie bag which can be attached to the seat to dispose of waste material. You can buy more Double Doodie bags separately; they are compatible with this product. The manufacturer has the product secured with a 5-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. This product is a good-to-go option for the campers.


  • Amazon rating: 4.0 stars
  • Weight: 4 kgs
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 14.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Material-type: Plastic
Why we like it
  • Easy to clean
  • Disposing of is a mess-free process
  • It is reasonably priced
  • Light-weight, compact and portable
What You Should Know
  • Legs are a little short
  • Seat dimensions are small
  • Doodie bags are expensive

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