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Best Portable Tent Heater for Australia [2024]

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    Camping in the winter can be tough, but it is made more possible with a good tent heater.

    The most crucial items for winter camping is definitely a quality sleeping bag and good tent, but a camping heater adds an extra layer of warmth on bitterly cold evenings.

    To assist you in choosing the right heater for you, we’re going to break down the top tent-safe heaters for winter camping today.

    If you are in a caravan or camper, then check out our diesel heater guide.

    Best Tent Heaters for 2024

    The performance, safety features, and use of our top 5 tent warmers for 2024 are detailed below.

    1. Tent heater

    The benefits of having a tent heater

    The main advantages of taking a tent heater when camping in the winter are listed below.

    • Stay Warm – This one should go without saying, but a tent heater adds a lot of extra warmth on chilly evenings.
    • Portability – Our preferred tent heaters are portable for camping because they are small and light.
    • Safe to use – The best tent warmers are safe to use while camping because to built-in safety features like wire guards, overheating prevention, tip-over switches, and oxygen depletion sensors.
    • Fuel Efficient – Gas tent heaters in particular are remarkably fuel-efficient and will keep you toasty all night long with little fuel.

    Choosing a Tent Heater: Buyers Guide

    Here are some things to think about as you examine our top options to make sure you get the best tent heater possible.

    Heater Fuel Type

    You have two fuel type choices: gas and electric. Because of its superior efficiency and great heat production, we favour propane. Electric warmers need to be plugged in or powered by a portable power source.

    Heat Output

    For propane camping heaters, heat output is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). Choose a model that generates heat between 3,000 and 10,000 BTUs.


    You really want a tent heater that is incredibly portable and fits most tents. Many  variants will significantly large and really aren’t as good for camping as they take up a lot of room in the tent, and also when loading into the car. Find a tent heater that is easily transportable.


    Camping equipment is subject to a lot of abrasion, so be sure your tent heater can withstand the abuse.


    It’s good practice to purchase your outdoor equipment from well-known brands, especially when it comes to more high-tech gear. The bigger brands will often have better build quality and also a good warranty system in case of any issues with the products.

    We’re confident that any of our top picks mentioned above will make you pleased, but you may use this information to help you more effectively limit your options.

    How to use a tent heater safely

    It is crucial that you understand how to use a tent heater properly if you intend to use one while camping.

    Why Electric is Safer

    Even though the best gas heaters are extremely safe, an electric heater poses fewer risks because CO2 isn’t a concern.

    Always Buy Tent Safe

    If you intend to use your heater inside your tent, be sure to choose a type that has built-in safety safeguards.

    Appropriate Positioning

    Keep your electric or gas tent heater away from the tent’s sides, sleeping bags, and other combustible materials. To protect the floor and collect any moisture, place the heater on a baking pan.

    Sufficient Ventilation

    The most crucial safety advice for operating a gas heater in a tent is to remember to ventilate. To allow carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide to leave your tent, open a window or a door.

    Turn Off at Night

    While many campers leave their gas heaters on all night, I only use mine before bed and in the morning. The warmth of my sleeping bag will keep me comfortable all night long.
    Make sure to get a propane tent heater with built-in safety features like an automatic tip-over shut-off switch and oxygen depletion sensors if you decide to use one (which we advise).

    Tent Heater FAQs

    Q. Do heaters work in tents?

    Yes, you can use a portable tent heater to keep you warm inside your tent. They come in a variety of different types, either gas or electric powered.

    Q. How do you heat a tent all night long?

    If you are planning on keeping your tent warm all night long then you will need to plan ahead. Keeping a tent warm for 8 to 12 hours will require a lot of heating over a long period. It’s not safe to have a fire inside your tent, so alternatives such as a portable tent heater is your best option.

    Q. Is there such thing as battery operated tent heaters?

    Yes, there are battery operated tent heaters. Generating heat though can use up a lot of battery power, especially if you are going to run the heater all night long. Ensure you have sufficient battery power, or just run the heater before bed to heat the tent up and then once warm turn it off. You can turn it back on when you wake up so your tent is nice and warm when you get out of your sleeping bag.

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