Evakool TMDZ-95 Travelmate Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer – 96 Litre Review [2024]

High-quality, reliable, and affordable, the Evakool TMDZ-95 offers a wide range of options for people who wish to keep their food and beverages fresh while enjoying the outdoors. This company has been in the industry for so many years so know the targeted audience very well. That is why this unit is designed and manufactured especially for harsh environmental conditions in mind.

The Evakool TMDZ-95 is the largest model within its series. It offers you the most ultimate portable refrigeration friend that features two different tubes with separate lids for extra efficiency. When needed, you can even set every compartment autonomously as a freezer or a fridge to get the best of both features within a single unit.

With its 96L capacity, this best dual-zone caravan fridge is ideal for large families or people who are on longer trips. It offers ease of use and practicality, thanks to the integration of digital controls, removable baskets, and internal LEDs that makes unpacking/packing and cleaning hassle-free for the user.

Its multi-voltage use allows you to use 240V mains before taking off and 12V/24V when in the caravan. You can even use the unit in conjunction with a solar panel as per your preference. The unit is suitable for camping, boating, and four-wheel driving.

What we like

  • Dual-zone functioning
  • Multi-voltage operation
  • Digital controls and removable basket
  • Efficient, reliable, and quiet working
  • Integrated low-voltage protection

What we don't like

  • Draws more power when starting from warm

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