Best Port Augusta Caravan Parks

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Port Augusta Shoreline Caravan Park

Escape to the beach and stay at beautiful Port Augusta! There are plenty of caravan parks to choose from, so pack the van and hit the road today!

Port Augusta – situated in South Australia, is a small city that was formerly a seaport. Today it is one of the main road and railway junctions with the Pichi Richi Railway connecting it to Quorn.

Port Augusta is the perfect location for those who want to enjoy the Australian outback. Known as the “crossroads of Australia,” it is situated very close to Flinders Ranges, a range of mountains stretching about 400 km in length.

If you enjoy the water, you can go canoeing, fishing, or even sailing and spot some dolphins. You can even take a walk or cycle along the coastal path of Port Augusta, right to the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden. You have a lot to take in on this route, whether you choose to explore it with someone or all by yourself.

If you want to be away from the busy city life and get back to serene nature, Port Augusta can be a good choice to consider. Stay in one of the many caravan parks and get in touch with nature!

Port Augusta Discovery Parks

Discovery Parks Port Augusta

If you are looking for multiple accommodation options and an impressive list of amenities, Discovery Parks – Port Augusta will definitely not disappoint you. You have multiple options to choose from, to make the best of your holiday, without any compromises.

Accommodation At Discovery Parks – Port Augusta

Amenities At Discovery Parks – Port Augusta


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Port Augusta Shoreline Caravan Park

Shoreline Caravan Park Port Augusta

Known as the quiet park of Port Augusta, Shoreline Caravan Park is the perfect location to enjoy the Flinders Ranges’ waterfront. For those who love the beach and are looking to have one of a kind beach vacation, this beach frontage could be just what you are looking for.

Accommodation At Shoreline Caravan Park

Shoreline Caravan Park has air-conditioned cabins expertly designed to accommodate all your holiday needs – be it comfort or budget. Your options are:

Amenities At Shoreline Caravan Park

Just because you want to leave the city life behind doesn’t mean you need to forget all comforts. In addition to all that you can do outside in nature, you can enjoy the following amenities:


We do not list rates as they can change regularly. Click below to check.
Port Augusta Caravan Park

Augusta Caravan Park

Recently taken over by new owners, this place is getting a makeover with better facilities than before. It is still open for caravans and RVs who want to halt a night or two. You can enjoy the warm fire pit, chat with fellow campers, cook good food in the camp kitchen, refresh in the hot shower and get back on the road.

Though a lot of work is happening around the camping site, owners ensure campers get a quiet and peaceful night to sleep and refresh before they hit the roads in their RVs. For just $35 a night, you get clean and comfortable amenities.

Accommodation Options At Augusta Caravan Park

Amenities At Augusta Caravan Park

Port Augusta Motorhome Park

Port Augusta Motorhome Park

Port Augusta Motorhome Park is located right next to Central Augusta Football Club and is strictly only for self-contained motor homes. You need to pay a very low fee of just $7 at the bar counter during open hours.

If you have your own RV and like to go around in it, you need a place to park and rest for the night. What was limited to just self-contained motor homes has now opened its doors to self-contained caravans?

So, if you have a caravan and plan to travel with a few other friends who also have self-contained caravans that are not towed, this can be a good place to stay in. Though you can bring your furry friends, you need to keep them in your motorhome or on a leash so as not to disturb other occupants.



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PortAugusta Spear Creek Caravan Park

Spear Creek Caravan Park

Located right next to Western Slopes of the Flinders Ranges, Spear Creek Caravan Park is not your ordinary caravan park. It is nestled within the 400-year-old river red gums, right next to the ranges.




We do not list rates as they can change regularly. Click below to check.

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