Top 9 Tips For Having A Safe Caravan Trip

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tips to have a safe caravan trip

Do you love going on long caravan trips? Is it your first trip and you are quite nervous about it? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back.

Here are 9 tips for amateurs as well as experienced caravanners on how to stay prepared and have a safe caravan trip.

Ensure everything is secured correctly

While traveling with family, safety comes first. It is advised to re-check that the caravan is functioning correctly and all the security features are functioning. You can start with by checking the alarm is activated, the siren sound is loud enough, and the doors are locking securely.

In case the caravan comes with a tracking device, make sure you test it by taking a short trip to see it is functioning correctly.

Make sure all your lights are working

Yet another essential aspect you must pay attention to is the lights and the breaks. You can’t travel if the headlight light is dim or the indicators are not functioning. It can lead to accidents and night traveling become a risky one as clear visibility becomes difficult.

Don’t forget to check the brakes, failure to which your complete family would be at risk. The brakes should not be either very hard or very loose to handle; they should be smooth, and with very minimal effort, you should handle the caravan’s speed.

Check all vehicle fluids, oil, water

When you embark on a caravan trip, you must check on vehicle fluids. Since you would be traveling a lot on the highways, you can’t get hold of mechanics or nearby service centers. Please make sure the windshield water is full and you have a backup to top it up.

It is always advised you check your caravan’s fluid levels; the vehicle has been through the oil change services.  Consider installing a large caravan water tank for additional water storage.

Make sure you have the full vision of your van when towing

A clear vision plays a vital role in making a trip comfortable and safe one. The windscreen should be clear, and you should have a clear vision on the sides and rear of your caravan or trailer. Suitable caravan towing mirrors are recommended and also required by law in some states of Australia. Remember, a small dart can distract and divert your attention from driving.

Simultaneously, make sure you check on the trailer, see to it that the wheel and the nuts are tight enough and no noise is produced while on the go. You should check the wheel alignment and carry spare tyres, be well prepared to handle the situation when you face an emergency.

Make sure the caravan is level and secured in position

Remember to experience good sleep; your caravan level and position should be correct; that’s when you can experience all the comfort. If the caravan is not positioned right, your 3-way fridge might not function well; also, your plumbing would go for a toss, and the shower door would not function well if the caravan level is not right.

Ensure that you select the right place and position for your caravan, as it plays a vital role in positioning the vehicle. The use of caravan levelling ramps is recommended.

Make sure all gas fittings are tight and secure.

Checking on the functioning of the primary source for your cooking and your hot water system is vital. The gas fittings shouldn’t be taken lightly, as they could lead to fire and other disasters while on the road. If you are running a diesel heater in your caravan or camper, be sure all connections are tight, and always re-check before operating.

Ensure the gas fitting is well checked without any leakage or blocks; make sure you don’t run out of the gas and have sufficient backup. This will help you to experience yummy food with a sound heating system.

Make sure all poles and ropes are secured

Maintaining and checking on the poles and ropes is a must. The whole trip, you can’t just sit inside the caravan and enjoy the journey. If it is summer, it might sound fantastic, but you would feel like coming out breathing in the fresh air in winters. It is essential to check the poles’ condition is rust-free without any dents, and the ropes are not torn and old.

Ensure you have enough water and food

Plan and store enough water and food for your trip, whether it be a long adventure or just a weekend camping trip; as you never know, the pit stops provide clean drinking water to your liking. Carrying enough food is a must if you plan to travel with kids, as they can become restless and hungry without anything to occupy their minds.

Safety and first aid equipment

Irrespective of whether you are traveling with your family or not, you must always have a first aid kit in the caravan. Even a small cut while slicing the fruits can be handled easily when you have the first aid kits in place. Ensure you double-check all the safety measures before starting your trip.


When it comes to caravan trips, it is always advised to be double prepared and cautious than to regret later. As a true Aussie, you might have been on many caravan trips and by now have become a pro at it, but paying attention to these small things doesn’t harm but would help you in enjoying the journey to its fullest. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out our Top 5 items to take on your next caravan trip.

Drive safe and Enjoy the country drive!!! 


Andy Sullivan

Andy Sullivan

A lover of all things outdoors, Andy is an experience camper having traveled the east cost of Australia multiple times and countless trips throughout New Zealand.

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