Top 5 items to make your next caravan holiday more enjoyable

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Are you someone that loves to travel in a caravan in the lovely landscapes of Australia? Connoisseurs of caravans are famous for never wanting to end the fun. With every new trip, you will notice you carry a different set of things; based on your trip’s location and duration. But some things go with you everywhere.

Solar power

Fitting solar panels on your caravan will help you to take advantage of the places that have costly electricity grids or no grid at all! In simplest of words, a solar photovoltaic panel with its two layers of silicon placed close to each other will help you produce cheap and quick electricity.

Benefits of solar power

  • It is simple direct current
  • It is a free source
  • It is a renewable source of energy

The solar panels’ energy will keep your chargeable batteries always full even when you are not hitting on the road. It is a one-time investment because all the electricity you save and use is completely free after that.

Caravan air conditioner

Thankfully, a lot of caravan owners believe in getting air con fitted. It is really a bad idea to feel hot and uncomfortable when you are traveling or camping. A cooler caravan will ensure that you and your family enjoy the trip better. If you are caravanning with very small children or seniors, fitting an AC is something that you cannot sit on the fence with.

Not having a cooling system inside your caravan will mean that you cannot spend long hours inside it, naturally curtailing a lot of your activities like cooking and showering. Having the best air conditioner in the caravan is no longer a luxury by any stretch of the imagination. It counts as a necessity.

In winter, you can use your air conditioner in reverse cycle mode (if this feature is supported) and heat your caravan. This will make for a much more enjoyable trip. If you don’t have a reverse cycle air con, or the temperature outside is too cold for your air con to work as a heater, then consider using a diesel heater in your caravan. These are great little units that are both cost effective and work great to heat a small area such as a van.


A caravan awning is a good investment that you will make because it gives you convenience along with a lot of enjoyment. All you need to do is to attach and set it up outside your caravan, and voila! You have given yourself some extra outdoor space to play and relax.

Even the most enthusiastic of caravan travelers loathe the cooped-up feeling that comes with staying too long inside it. An awning helps to give them a place to lift their legs and enjoy the scenery and extra storage space to sleep, cook, and bbq, dine and play with the kids. Awnings are a boon when it rains; you can enjoy the scenic beauty minus getting wet.

Hot water

Setting up an efficient hot water system in your caravan is an important step towards a comfortable and enjoyable trip. Imagine getting exhausted and being able to relax under a nice warm shower instead of having to find a public shower nearby! If you are traveling out in the colder months, then it is all the more important that you give it a serious thought.

There are three types of caravan hot water systems. They run on gas or electricity, and you can even choose both together. If you are choosing gas, then you will need cylinders to run it. Gas water systems are ideal for longer trips as they heat water quickly and are cheaper than elaborate wiring and equipment.

On the other hand, an electric hot water system will give you warm water instantly even as it passes through pipes and the tap. You will have to invest in leisure battery setups and solar panels. This system may prove convenient because you get hot water on demand. The only downside is that you will run out of hot water when you are experiencing power outages or moving out of the mains area. Alternatively, a hybrid hot water system will help you enjoy the benefits of both.


There is no way you are going to leave with your caravan without the fridge. It is one of the most important appliances. Keeping your food fresh and safe is a necessity when you are traveling. The need is more pressing when you are traveling with younger kids. You will see different types of caravan refrigerators like the compressor fridge and the 2-way and the 3-way fridges on the market, check out our guide to the best caravan fridge or camping fridge for more info.

Suppose you intend to carry many frozen foods. In that case, a compressor fridge is the right thing for you as it is heavy duty and cools consistently irrespective of the temperature outside. Compressor fridge guzzles a lot of power, and that is why you will need consistent supply from the mains or a good backup battery with chargers.

A three-way refrigerator is a good choice for those that spend a long time in their caravans. The fridge uses a nine-liter standard LPG gas cylinder that will last about 90 days by the most conservative estimates.


It is natural to feel like you want to carry hundreds of things on your road trip, you know, for the just-in-case things. It helps to create lists from the time you decide you want to set out. This will take all the pressure off you and help you organize your trip like a pro. Check off the list as you go. You will realize that when you plan and execute your packing in advance, you are less freaked out at the time of hitting the roads.


Andy Sullivan

Andy Sullivan

A lover of all things outdoors, Andy is an experience camper having traveled the east cost of Australia multiple times and countless trips throughout New Zealand.

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