Helpful Tips when caravanning in the Australian Summer

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Australia is a terrific place to be in the summers. When the temperature starts rising, many people get their caravans ready to embrace the outdoors. However, Australian summers can be really hot, making caravaning and camping an unpleasant experience.

When you plan well, a summer caravanning holiday can become the stuff of dreams. Otherwise, it can just be a sticky, uncomfortable, and frustrating time for everyone. Here are a few trips which you can follow to keep your cool while caravanning in the summers-

Ensure your vehicle is serviced and ready to go

Your vehicle, which will tow the caravan, will be under a lot of strain. Traveling long distances and that too in summer can make your vehicle vulnerable to breakdowns. Before setting out on a trip, it is a good idea to have your vehicle fully serviced.

Please pay special attention to its air conditioning system. Top up all fluids and change the engine oil while servicing. Please consult with the mechanics and let them know that you are planning a trip.

Ensure your fridge is serviced and running efficiently

In the Australian summer, the one thing you don’t want is your caravan fridge breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Check the refrigerator before starting your trip. See to it that its cooling and thermostat are working correctly.

The fridge will have to work much harder in the hot weather to bring the temperature down. Keeping some sealed ice packs can help the fridge to reach the right temperature.

Check the power and health of your battery and electrics system

A caravan may be an outdoor trip away from home, but it is impossible to travel without several electric gadgets and systems in this day and age. You could be carrying laptops, music systems, video games, etc., apart from gadgets used in the kitchen.

Check the batteries of each gadget and ensure that the caravan’s power supply works well to support all the electric systems. A bad caravan battery can even short circuit the whole caravan electric system, which you don’t want to happen.

Plan your travel times to avoid the heat

Afternoons can be relentless in the summers. It is better to travel early in the morning and avoid the midday sun. You should try to pack the van at night and be ready to leave as early as possible the next morning. This way you will also miss the summer holiday traffic, which can be quite trying.

The time between 11 and 5 in the afternoon should be avoided as it could cause sunburn and dehydration and cause the vehicle to overheat.

Utilise fans or air conditioners

Air conditioners and fans are necessary during summer months, and most caravans have air-conditioners and fans in-built. Nowadays, it is also easy to find portable fans, and they are incredibly useful in summers.

Additional portable fans are an easy and cost-effective way to stay cool. Moreover, you can use these fans both indoors as well as outdoors.

Ensure suitable ventilation throughout caravan and annex

Good ventilation and airflow throughout the caravan are essential for maintaining the right temperature. With air-conditioners, you need to keep the windows closed, so you have to ensure that you open the windows for better ventilation when it is not on.

Switch off the air conditioners and use the fans with the windows open to moving the stale air out. Your vehicle and the camper van both should have good ventilation.

Cook outside the caravan

This is a no-brainer. When you cook inside, it raises the temperature inside the vehicle and van. Anyways, summers are the best time for barbecues, and it is best to take a portable setup when you travel. This way, you will be able to cook up several delicious meals outside and not steam up your caravan.

Choose a shady campsite

Whenever and wherever possible, look for a shaded campsite to park your vehicle. You have to be smart about it and think about how the sun will move. Choosing a spot to maximize the number of hours the van will be in the shade ideal. Book your campsite early and request the shadiest spots. If you cannot find a shady spot, use the awning or build a temporary shade to at least keep the engine and parts of the vehicle under shade.

Ensure you have enough water

Water is essential in the summer months on the road. General water is a must have, but it is also essential to have access to clean and safe drinking water.

Dehydration is just around the corner, and you have to fight it constantly. Make sure that children or older people keep drinking water throughout the day. Most campsites will have water, but how clean and safe it is another question. Don’t depend on outside sources, and make sure to carry enough water and replace where and when you find safe water. Consider installing large caravan water tanks to store sufficient water for your trips.


A camping trip is supposed to be fun, and in the summer months, many people look forward to a trip in a caravan. Make it enjoyable and fun by following the tips given here. These tips can make your caravanning genuinely a memorable one.






Andy Sullivan

Andy Sullivan

A lover of all things outdoors, Andy is an experience camper having traveled the east cost of Australia multiple times and countless trips throughout New Zealand.

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