Useful Tips To Keep The Kids Happy When Caravanning

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kids happy when camping

Long caravan trips are nothing new if you are from Australia. There is nothing more entertaining and relaxing than to see the picturesque nature around you and feel the tranquility.

But at the same time, it’s a tough job to keep the kids entertained during these long trips without you feeling stressed out or when it’s a stinking hot summer. Here are a few activities listed out to make your job easier, next time you plan to go on a trip, make sure you are well prepared.


Blessed with energetic boys who can’t help but are always on their toes. Bikes and scooters are your best option to engage these naughty bunnies; with a lot of physical activity, kids can divert their energy towards racing and cycling.

Just let them use the bikes and scooters when you stop at caravan stations or go to caravan parks and let them enjoy the activity. If you are worried about fitting your bikes in the van, consider installing a caravan bike rack on either the top, front or rear of your van or camper.

Spotlighting (using a torch to look for animals)

While on the go, kids can sometimes get bored of reading books or playing board games. In case you have toddlers who can’t read themselves, spotlighting makes for a beautiful, engaging activity. You can turn off the lights inside the trailer, lie down on the bed, use a headlamp or torchlight, and play shadow games.

Spotlighting enhances the kids’ imaginative minds and helps put the kids into sleep.

Kiddie pool full of water / or sand

Water and sand make kids more excited than video games. Kids can stay in the water the whole day and not get bored with the activity. Be it a beach or swimming pool; kids love splashing water and playing with their favorite toys.

While on a caravan trip, you can make a small stop near the beach, spend little time, and let the kids enjoy nature by playing around in the water and making castles.

Marshmallows by the campfire

Believe it or not, kids are just going to love this activity; post dinner, after the fire has died down, you can ask kids to take the longest thin stick to roast the marshmallows. Don’t worry; kids will not burn their hands as there would not be any fire.

Marshmallows by the campfire are suitable for the kids who are 6 years and above age group. The activity makes kids feel as if they have achieved something and cooked something with love for the parents.

Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt can never go wrong with kids of any age group; the activity would keep your kids engaged for a long time. The hunt can be based upon a theme, or kids can pick things according to what they like.

Post the hunt; kids can make something out of things they have collected, keeping it as treasure or a memory.

Movie night

If the kids have been playing all day, they will be exhausted and most likely keen to just lounge around the campsite. This is a great time for kids to sit and watch their favorite television series. At times, you can change this video time into a family activity, where the whole family sits together and watches a movie together.

Ensure you take your iPad or tablet to stream Netflix or at least play your DVD player and watch the movie. A suitable caravan antenna is required to receive normal tv reception, so it’s best to remember the dvd’s.


Fishing as an activity is very therapeutic not only for elders but also for kids. It opens the door for self-reflection and lets your mind think in peace. The blue water and the silence around sets the mind calm, and for fidgety kids, it is an ideal activity to teach them the traits such as patience, independence, and observation.

Apart from that, it’s a beautiful activity as a family you can indulge and enjoy the catch as your dinner.

Board games / Card Games

On rainy days you can sit inside the caravan and play together with the board games. Board games not only helps in keeping kids brain engaged but it also helps in making kids sit in one place without getting bored.

Board games can be of any kind; pick the games according to the child’s age group and their interest. Games such as scrabble, jigsaw puzzles, or monopoly can be entertaining for kids of the 6-10yrs age group. However, you can take playdough or building blocks for younger kids to keep them engaged for a long time.

Nature walks

A nice beautiful walk early in the morning or post-lunch can be entertaining. This would bring in physical exertion in kids, and kids can learn to appreciate nature while learning the names of various trees and herbs. Learn about the creatures that live in the wild and their lifestyle.


Yet another engaging activity that kids would love to do. Who is not fascinated by the stars and the planet? Just lie down under the blue sky, watch stars’ formation and identify various shapes? Use imagination and join the dots to create your own drawing with the stars.

Ball games

Take a ball or two along with you; it would not occupy much space and easy to carry. Kids can play for hours with the ball by passing the ball and catching, or playing volleyball or throwing ball games. A ball game can be either played as a team or individual games and is a fantastic boredom killer.


Entertaining kids while on the move is a challenging job; with the right planning, you can definitely make things memorable for kids and you.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s hit the road!!!!

Andy Sullivan

Andy Sullivan

A lover of all things outdoors, Andy is an experience camper having traveled the east cost of Australia multiple times and countless trips throughout New Zealand.

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