What is an Anderson plug, and do you need one in a caravan?

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Anderson plug is essential for the caravan owners to recharge the auxiliary batteries and the electrical accessories while driving the caravan. So, these plugs have become quite popular among regular campers who go on long trips.

Anderson plugs are made to reduce the voltage drop and offer easy connection. However, these plugs need extra care to keep them safe from the mud, water, and other waste while camping.

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What does an Anderson plug do?

An Anderson plug is used for various purposes. For example, it connects the auxiliary battery in a caravan to the vehicle battery to charge the auxiliary battery while driving to the camping site.

When does the Anderson plug come into play?

Charging Circuits

Generally, most of the time, people use the Anderson plug for charging the circuits as it can provide continuous load. You can charge the extra batteries in the caravan or camper trailer while driving the caravan. Anderson plug is the best alternative for charging auxiliary batteries to the 12-pin charger as it can melt due to the continuous load of the current while charging. In addition, an Anderson plug allows the safe passage of the current compared to the 12-pin charger, and one can use it without worrying about major mishaps.

Connecting solar panels

Nowadays, more and more travellers are installing 12v solar panels to their 4WDs’ and caravans with dual batteries. Using solar power, you can recharge the camping fridge and batteries of the other batteries with the help of the Anderson plug. Thus, the Anderson plug has multiple uses.

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12-volt accessory power alternative

Anderson plug is the best suited for charging the high draw 12-volt accessories due to its safe and secure locking design. So, for example, you can efficiently power the air compressors and fridges.

Charge the electronic stability control system

Now, most of the latest caravans are available with an electronic stability control system. It needs a 12-pin plug to charge it while driving. However, an Anderson plug is a more feasible option due to its design and capacity.

Do you Need an Anderson Plug?

If you are the owner of a camping caravan or a modern trailer, having the Anderson plug is the most convenient thing when charging the auxiliary batteries while driving. Moreover, the latest caravans available in the market are equipped with Anderson plugs already, and you don’t need to pay extra money to get them installed.

Reasons you should get the Anderson plug

  • Safer connection
  • Easy to install
  • A better alternative to the 12-pin charger
  • High efficiency
  • Cost-effective

Types of Anderson Plug

Anderson plugs are available in limited colours and various sizes, for example, blue, red, and grey. You can only connect the same colour plugs together. For example, a blue colour plug can be connected to the other blue colour plug only.

The cost of an Anderson plug and its installation

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An Anderson plug can cost you around $20, and you also need the wiring to complete the circuit and need a professional automobile electrician by your side. So all-in-all, the total cost could be almost $200. Secondly, the cost also depends upon the vehicle you have and its features.

Talking about the installation of the plug, it is simple and needs less time. You need connecting wires, some tools like a screwdriver, a crimper, and a drill. After completing the installation, you should test the system, and you can do it by conducting a simple light test.

Summing up

We have given you enough knowledge about the importance and use of the Anderson plug, so if you drive a caravan or a 4WD and want to upgrade it, then don’t forget to install the Anderson plugs, as these plugs provide you with a safe and simple connection to charge the auxiliary batteries.

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