How to have an enjoyable camping trip with dogs

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Do you plan to spend your weekend outdoors? But leaving behind your loved one, especially your pet, is heart-wrenching for you? Have you considered taking your dog along for camping? Camping with your four-legged friend would be fun for the whole family. No one could be a better companion than a dog for camping adventures because they will not complain about the rain, food and difficult times during camping.

All it needs is extra preparation to keep your dog comfortable outdoors. For instance, you have to find dog-friendly camping sites and pack an additional bag that contains all the essentials for your dog. Then, to have an unforgettable camping experience with your dog, follow the ultimate guide we prepared for you.

  1.     Finding the pet-friendly campsite

Many campsites do not allow pets. After reaching the camping destination with your dog, nothing can be more disheartening than seeing “no pets allowed” written on the board. Therefore, you have to do the proper research to find out the camping sites like national parks and beaches that allow your pets to join. Besides, prepare a list of the nearest veterinarian in case of any emergency. Also, know about the rules and regulations related to pets that you need to follow. You can check with them about the following pet policies-

Leash requirements- The campgrounds have rules regarding leash requirements to ensure the safety of other campers. Different places have different leash demands, but they probably don’t allow using the leash longer than 6 feet.

Behaviour-At camping sites’ the aggressive behaviour of dogs is not allowed to protect other campers from injuries and harm and their dogs. However, if your dog finds it hard to give a friendly response to other dogs and unknown people, then bringing your dog to a campsite can be stressful for you as they won’t compromise the safety of others.

Barking ordinance- Everyone understands that dogs bark. But if your pet barks excessively at night or when he sees a group of strangers, it can be disturbing for the others who come there to relax. So, in this condition, they may ask you to find another place.

  1. Dog’s Id and Id tags

Provide your dog with an id card and make sure he is wearing it all the time as you don’t want to lose your dog. While camping, the chances are high that your dog can be lost, and he will not be able to find his way to you. Provide detailed information like contact number and address on the id tags so you can be reached easily.

  1. Visit a veterinarian before heading.

To protect your dog from the potential threats outdoors, get your dog vaccinated before going on a trip. Also, they may ask for proof of your dog’s vaccination. In addition, consider checking your dog’s overall health so that you both can have a smooth time during camping. Moreover, if your dog is diagnosed with some illness, ask the veterinarian whether you can take your pet outdoors or not.

  1. Take a picture of your dog.

We are sure you have an album of your dog’s pictures. But make sure you click your dog’s picture right before going on camping. The picture should be clear and taken in proper lighting. In the event of separation, you can use this picture to take help finding your lost dog. You can keep this photo on your mobile and take a printed copy also. Try to photograph the unique spots and features of your dog.

  1. Dog camping gear

You should facilitate your dog with the camping essentials to make your trip successful and joyful. Here we give you a checklist of some basic camping gear for your dog.

  • A large dog Tent – Several types of dog tents are available on the market. Before making the purchase consider the colour, odour, size, cost of the tent to give your pet a perfect hideaway.
  • Enough Dog Food – Store enough dry food for your dog for a long camping trip. Prefer to store it in a smell proof and waterproof box.
  • A comfy dog bed – Pack your dog’s bed so that he can comfortably sleep at night after the whole day’s tiring adventure.
  • Keep your dog warm – Make sure your dog is kept warm especially if sleeping outside your tent or caravan. Having a diesel heater in your van is a good way to keep both yourself and your dog warm in winter.
  • Outdoor Toys – Also include outdoor toys to keep your dog busy and entertained.
  • Leash and harness – Another important camping item to keep control of your dog is leash and harness. But, again, make sure it’s waterproof and avoids knotting up.
  1. Pet first aid kit

To handle small emergencies during long trips, prepare a pet-friendly first aid kit. Dogs can easily injure themselves because they are up for everything. Carry these items in the kit for instant first aid:

  • Current medication
  • Non-stick bandages
  • Gauze pads
  • Wipes
  • Paw rescue harness
  • Dog waste bags

Also, keep the dog’s vet record in the kit and contact details of the nearest veterinarian in case of serious injury or emergency.

  1. Plan fun activities for pet

To make your camping time a memorable experience, plan some activities to play with your dog. It is the best game to play outdoors in the fresh air. You can use a ball or stick to play this game. Moreover, your dog would love to swim on summer days, and you can play fetch. In addition, you can enjoy jumping games, dog scootering and canoeing etc. If you are staying near the beach, let him dig into the sand, chase the birds, splash water, or simply have a walk together and click some pictures.

  1. Always attend to your dog

While at the campground, playing activities or travelling, never leave your dog unattended. You know your dog well, but you don’t know when other dogs or people can react unexpectedly. Therefore, pay constant attention to them to give them a safe and positive experience. Also, monitoring your dog can save him from getting injured and lost.

Camping with your most loyal companion gives you plenty of time together and strengthens your bond. Sharing your camping experience with your loved one makes it thrilling. With some extra preparation, you both are set to embark on camping adventures.

Andy Sullivan

Andy Sullivan

A lover of all things outdoors, Andy is an experience camper having traveled the east cost of Australia multiple times and countless trips throughout New Zealand.

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