Dog Friendly Camping Grounds On Bribie Island

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dog friendly camping bribie island

*** Update: Still no dog-friendly camping grounds on Bribie Island – If anyone knows of any, please update us ***

We often get asked whether dogs are allowed on Bribie Island and their beaches and what are the best pet-friendly camping grounds – so it’s time to do a post to help our readers out.

Firstly, YES, dogs, in general, are allowed on Bribie Island – even though it’s an island it is still home to residents, businesses and you guessed it, dogs! There are however certain beaches on Bribie Island where dogs can only go whilst on a leash. Off-leash beaches that DO ALLOW dogs to exist on the surf side of the island from the Red Beach carpark around to Woody Bay and also from Woody Bay to the section of the pathway at Benelong St.

Things to consider when on Bribie Island with your dog

  1. Dogs must be kept under effective control at all times.
  2. Owners are to clean up after their dogs and remove the dog waste.
  3. Be considerate of others using parks/beaches when exercising your dog.
  4. Dogs are prohibited from conservation parks, reserves, and foreshores unless designated as dog exercise areas.

Bribie Island Dog Beaches

Woorim (Red Beach) dog on-leash beach area

Between Red Beach access off Tully Street, Bongaree, heading east along the beach for a distance of about 700 metres.

Woorim Beach dog on-leash beach area

From the entrance at the northern end of North Street northwards to the 4WD access.

Woorim Beach (south) dog off-leash beach area

Between beach access 19 at Lowry Street, Woorim, heading south along the beach for a distance of about 4.2 km.

Off-Leash Dog Parks

The main off-leash dog park on Bribie Island is at Cosmos Park Sports Complex at Banksia Beach which is only a few minute’s drive north once you cross over the bridge from the mainland.

Corner of Tradewinds and Sunderland Drive, Banksia Beach, 4507

Dog-Friendly Camping Grounds

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this post, there are no dog-friendly camping grounds on Bribie Island. Many campgrounds sit within the Bribie National Park at the northern end of the island, and dogs are not allowed. There are however more and more campgrounds along the coast allowing dogs and pets. There are several campgrounds in Noosa that have recently started allowing dogs on site, so check them out.


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Maureen Spencer

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