Installing And Setting Up a Caravan Washing Machine

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Are you worried about the heap of clothes you have to get cleaned while caravanning? Gone are the days when campers had the patience and time to wait in a long queue to wait for their turns to operate the laundromat machines at the camping sites. And also, no one likes to wash the pile of smelly clothes after returning home.

Therefore, if you want to save time and pack a lighter for your camping, the feasible option is the caravan washing machine. With the caravan washing machine, you get the flexibility to wash your clothes whenever and the way you want.

Moreover, the caravan washing machines are compact and easy to handle. So, here we will guide you about using the caravan washing machine correctly and efficiently.

Look for the storage options

When you are thinking about installing a caravan washing machine, you first need to start with making sufficient room for your washing machine, take accurate measurements to ensure that the machine can work there properly without any space constraints.

For example, if you are fixing a machine inside the caravan. To install a top-loading machine, there should be enough space above it to open the lid. On the other hand, if you want to install a front loader, the best place for the installation would be under the table with adequate space at the front.

Installing caravan washing machine

Installing a caravan is an easy job. So, after buying one, the first thing that needs to be careful about is leveling the caravan washing machine while installing. If the washer is placed on uneven surface areas, then it won’t work properly. And the maximum allowable incline is 5 degrees when fixing it.

Secondly, make sure you have access to the power and the water supplies at that place. So, after hooking up the machine to the water source, plug in an electrical outlet. And your caravan washing machine is all set for washing.

Loading capacity

You can check for the load capacity of a caravan washing machine written in the specifications of the washing machine. The loading capacity of the washer you choose should mainly depend on the following factors:

  • Space constraints
  • Budget
  • Trip durations
  • Number of people
  • Expected washing cycles frequency

You can find the caravan washing machines from a minimum of 2.5 kg to a maximum of 4kg load capacity.


The right way to use the caravan washing machine

Once the installation process is completed successfully, you can follow the procedure mentioned below to use your caravan washer effectively:

Step 1

The first important thing to do is carefully read the instructions given in the manual before using the washer. The instructions to follow for washing the clothes varies depending on the specifications of the caravan washing machine.

Therefore, keep the instructions guide safe with you in your caravan. If the washing machine is not permanently fixed, you can use the sink to fill and drain the water.

In addition, prefer to wash small loads of clothes to wash at one time. Otherwise, your caravan washing machine will not do the job effectively and quickly.


Step 2

After completing the washing rounds, dirty water should be drained. In the case of automatic washers, you just need to put the draining nozzle in the sink and do it automatically. If you are confused about the nozzles, then again, don’t forget to use your guide, the instructions manual.

Another important thing you need to be careful about is placing the draining nozzle in the sink securely; otherwise, the dirty water will spread all over the caravan floor if it comes out.

Step 3

Mostly after water draining, you can take out the clothes and dry them up in the sun. However, some machines need a rinse cycle to ensure everything is cleaned to the best. So, in that particular case, you need to refill the cold and clean water for rinsing the clothes.

Moreover, don’t forget to drain the water after the rinsing cycle. If you have a portable dryer, it is more convenient to dry your clothes without the long wait.

Here, we also give you some handy and practical tips when washing your clothes in a caravan washing machine:

Useful tips when washing clothes in a caravan washer:

  • Wash the white clothes first. So, you can use the same water for washing colorful clothes.
  • Make use of wool wash.
  • Prefer to wash the sheets in laundromats.
  • Wash smaller loads of clothing rather than waiting until the huge pile of dirty clothes.

Avoid these common mistakes when using a caravan washing machine

  1. Follow the instructions mentioned in the manual.
  2. Don’t touch the machine’s plug with wet hands to avoid accidents, so make sure your hands are properly dry.
  3. Avoid washing bigger and heavy clothing items in your caravan washing machine like sheets, coats, etc. Instead, make sure to wash the bulky items in your regular washing machine or at public laundries while camping.
  4. Pay attention to all the nozzles to make sure these are in place and tightly screwed.
  5. Don’t overfill the machine with water and clothes. Otherwise, it may affect the machine’s working capacity. And you will have to clean the soapy mess all over the floor.

To sum up

Buying a caravan washing machine is a one-time investment, so make sure you reach high-quality brands. Moreover, from buying a caravan washing machine to installing it, everything is super easy. However, if you want professional help, you can ask the seller to help you with the installation procedure.

In addition, follow the tips given by us honestly if you want your caravan washing machine to work for a longer time without any fault.

Andy Sullivan

Andy Sullivan

A lover of all things outdoors, Andy is an experience camper having traveled the east cost of Australia multiple times and countless trips throughout New Zealand.

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