How to Deal with Messy Clothes while in a Caravan?

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Touring in a caravan is an exciting way to see this great big country of ours, but there’s something that can stress you – dealing with a pile of messy clothes while on the road. Being on the road it can be hard to keep your clothes clean, and without the creature comforts of a home washing machine, dirty clothes can soon out number the clean ones.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of options to keep those clothes clean and fresh, so you aren’t stinking out the van and the caravan park.

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Whether you had an unfortunate spill, didn’t have enough to wear, or don’t like that stale feeling of your clothes being cooped up for too long, our tips will help you keep your garments looking, feeling, and smelling fresher without a laundromat. Furthermore, relax because it doesn’t include occupying considerably more space or weight in your pack.

Tips You Must Follow for Keeping Your Clothes Clean While You Travel

Whether you get laundry service on vacation or not, these tips help you to help you deal with too many clothes on the journey without having to wash anything.

Bring laundry bags

Packing reusable clothing packs while voyaging will help you separate what’s spotless and what’s not. Save one pack for shoes (certainly, you don’t need the bottoms of those scouring up on your spotless garments); one for bathing suits; one for garments to be washed, and one for garments that have been worn. However, avoid washing them at this point. Utilizing clothing packs will keep everything cleaner and will help you monitor what outfits you have left.

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Get a spot-cleaner

When your clothing options are defined, you can’t always sacrifice an outfit for a spill. So, if coffee gets its way onto your top, treat it with an on-the-go stain-fighter so no will be the wiser.

Bring a clothesline

A travel or camping clothesline will be your dearest one when it comes to on-the-way clothing essentials. However, you don’t have to wash your garments before balancing them to clean.

If you have a window or outside access, drape your garments in the sun to kill microorganisms like it was done in the good ‘old days: with UV light.

Regardless of where you’re staying, you can hang one of these lines without much stretch by affixing the closures over door handles or utilizing the attraction cups to balance it in the shower or between any two dividers. In addition to that, you will not require clothespins. Instead, wrap garments over the line or get corners of your garments into circles made by the turns in the line.

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Buy a portable caravan washing machine.

Portable caravan washing machines are easily available today. They could be the most suitable method to wash your clothes while on the way. Many travellers use portable washing machines since they’re usually camping for a long duration.

So, if you like to go for a long duration, a washing machine could be the best purchase. Although there are various benefits and disadvantages of using a portable washing machine, We don’t think it’s an ideal choice for everyone. It depends upon individual requirements. If you need to clean your clothes and don’t have a washing machine, then keep an eye out for public showers as they often have laundry facilities attached to them, especially in caravan parks.

Final Verdict

Lastly, to keep your clothes clean, take the necessary precautions as possible. Above mentioned techniques also help you to deal with messy clothes while travelling long in the caravan. Make sure to choose any technique to keep your clothes clean while travelling. Moreover, try to bring 2 to 3 extra pieces of clothing with you.



Andy Sullivan

Andy Sullivan

A lover of all things outdoors, Andy is an experience camper having traveled the east cost of Australia multiple times and countless trips throughout New Zealand.

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