How to Heat a Caravan Without Power?

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Are you planning on hitting the road in your caravan during the winter season? Then, you need to prepare for the winter and the potential problems with the cold weather. The lack of proper preparation for the cold weather leads to issues like broken pipes in the caravan, damaged water systems, etc. You have access to electricity in most campsites. However, it is still not an option at some sites.

But you do not have to worry. There are several other things available that you can use to heat your caravan. In this article, we will present a few ways to keep your caravan warm regardless of the place you are at.


Diesel Heaters

Diesel heaters are used to heat the inside of your caravan. You can opt for this heater if you love to camp off the grid. Diesel heaters work by muting the air intake, fuel tank, and exhaust externally.

You may find these costlier initially, but in the long run, they prove to be economical. These are great choices for people who love to camp in the winter season as you can use them even while driving. If you are concerned about their safety, please read our diesel heater safety article. So, you have your winter weather issues sorted with a diesel heater.

Gas Heaters

The improved models ditch the traditional gas heaters. They are highly efficient and even have a lower power consumption. You do not have to bother about the damage to mother nature because the new versions have lower emissions.

These have shown to be one of the best sources of heat at affordable prices. Also, you can rest assured as they can heat the camper within 30 minutes of starting.

Additionally, they do not make noise when working. Therefore, you can easily run the gas heaters without worrying about creating any sort of pollution in the environment.

Solar Panels

What better way to warm up the camper without causing any damage to the environment than using solar panels? Solar panels consist of heat panels to suck heat, a fan to suck in air, and a photovoltaic panel that changes the protons into electricity.

A solar panel costs less and is very effective. One of the greatest benefits of solar panels is that you can halt anywhere without looking for electric outlets. As a result, you can visit exciting and never-seen places.


Radiant Propane Heaters

There are many discussions around using radiant propane heaters. However, the improved versions come with a technology that makes them safe to use indoors. These are inexpensive to purchase and even easier to install.

They are quiet and cause no damage to the environment. In addition, these heaters have automatic cut-out systems to keep the oxygen levels intact. The absence of flam in the heater mitigates the risk of the emission of harmful gases. Apart from heaters, you can use many other ways to heat the caravan.


It is one obvious step. Prevent parking under the trees. Rather, park your camper under direct sunlight to absorb heat and get warm. The metallic material around the caravan will keep it heated for a longer period. Keep the heat trapped inside by shutting down the blinds and curtains before the temperature starts to decline outside.

Awning Walls/Annex

When insulation is your main motive during the winter season, it will be great if you choose to add some privacy screen for the caravan awning. These screens create a barrier for the cold winds to pass through the caravan and decrease the temperatures.

These are amazing accessories for people who have plans for extended camping days. Add draught sheets over these annexes, and you are good to keep the temperature warm in the caravan while also getting yourself space for hanging out. It also will save you from rain, cold and winds.

Cook Inside the Camper

Cooking inside the camper might sound crazy to you, but it is true. Cooking your meals inside the camper will surely help you raise the temperatures.

If you think that cooking won’t add to the temperatures, we want you to remember the hot summer days when managing in the kitchen felt like a task because the heat from cooking added to the warmth in the room. Hence, cook your food inside, trap that heat and keep the canvas heated.


Cover Windows

Except for the glass window, you should try and make additional window covers using the material of your choice. The custom window covers will assist you in keeping the heat trapped within the caravan for a longer period.

If you choose not to make the window covers, you can use a blanket to cover the windows as a quick fix. It would be fine if you tried this hack. Then, you can feel the difference by yourself.

Use the Hot Bottle Method

It is one of the alternatives to heating the complete camper. If it is too late to find sunlight to warm the camper, or the weather is way too cold, you can choose the hot bottle method.

In this, you should pour boiling water into the specific hot water bottle and keep it with you in your blanket. If the bottle is too hot, you can wrap a cloth around to save yourself from hot burns. The bottle inside your blanket will work like a sleeping bag heater and keep you warm on chilly nights.

Final Words

To summarize, you must understand that no one solution should fit all the campers. You have to prepare yourself to keep the caravan heated as per your camping plan, the weather there, and the availability of resources. There are a plethora of options to keep your caravan heated without electricity.

However, all of it comes down to what suits your camping plan the most. To be on the more protected end, you should be prepared for all kinds of potential emergencies and chilling nights. So start from scratch, meaning when you buy the camper, make sure it is well insulated.

This will help in better efficiency of the additional steps that you take to heat it. Always remember that if you can’t heat the camper, you always have the choice to warm up your body. That takes less effort and time. So, keep your warming gears all prepared.

Andy Sullivan

Andy Sullivan

A lover of all things outdoors, Andy is an experience camper having traveled the east cost of Australia multiple times and countless trips throughout New Zealand.

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