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    You can hire a caravan or class-B RV easily in Brisbane to travel around the city and explore the metropolitan as well as natural sceneries in the city. Brisbane is Australia’s third-largest city, with many historic buildings, gardens, and parklands spread across the city.

    Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is perfect for taking your kids to, while The Cultural Precinct on the Brisbane Riverbank is a beautiful destination. 

    Visit metropolitan attractions like Queen Street Mall, Museum of Brisbane, Customs House, etc., before driving to coastal and hiking areas. SouthBank Parklands is a major attraction in the heart of the city and features lovely parklands and a man made lagoon, perfect for a swim on a hot day. If you are feeling adventurous you can head over to either Stradbroke Island or Moreton Island for more beach and offroad adventures. 

    You can take in stunning views of the city from the City Botanic Gardens. For this incredible experience, you can conveniently hire a caravan from a local owner or contact caravan or RV hire companies.

    Why hire a caravan in Brisbane?

    Renting a caravan or a campervan is the best option for international travelers as it allows you to transport anywhere in the city while providing a nice option for accommodation. These trucks have enough storage and space for you to sleep.

    It is just like moving around with your whole house on wheels. You don’t even have to pay for hotels and all as you can sleep in a campervan. If you are free camping, then it’s fine, but if you want to visit an organized camping site, you will have to pay some fees. We will look at everything related to caravan hire in Brisbane and some common questions related to it.

    Where to hire a caravan or campervan in Brisbane?

    There are multiple options in store for you if you are looking for a campervan for rent in Brisbane. Either you can rent one from a local owner, or you can look for a large RV/caravan hire company.

    Hire a caravan direct from the owner

    Many motorhome and caravan owners list their vehicles on sharing sites so that people and tourists can rent them. Both parties get a good deal as you get a vehicle on hire, while the owner gets nice money for his caravan. The range and selection which you can choose from are nice.

    Hire a caravan from a sharing platform

    In Australia, there are various big and small caravan-sharing companies. You can contact them and look for a caravan on hire.

    Camplify - Campervan, motorhome and caravan sharing community

    This company is based in Australia and has made great progress in the caravan renting market in recent times. You need to enter your location, vehicle type needed, no. of people, dates, and many options near you will come up in search results. Filter your search and look for what suits you best.

    There are 1000’s of vans of all shapes and sizes to suit everyone. For added peace of mind, all vans come with comprehensive hire insurance throughout the time of booking and NRMA roadside assistance is provided nationwide in the case of a breakdown – so rest assured your holiday won’t be ruined by an unfortunate mishap.


    The American company Outdoorsy is big in North America but also has multiple options for anyone looking for caravan hire in Australia. Again, you need to enter your location and preferred dates to check out all available options for you at affordable prices.

    Hire a caravan from a motorhome rental agency

    There are many dedicated motorhome and caravan rental companies through Brisbane. Companies such as Apollo, Jucy and Cruisin all have a wide range of motorhomes to hire.

    Jucy Brisbane Campervan Hire


    Apollo Motorhome Hire


    Things to consider before renting a caravan?

    There is more involved with hiring a caravan than your standard car and the things to consider vary greatly depending on what type of vehicle you hire. Here are some things to consider.

    • If hiring a motorhome, the first thing you should consider is whether a motorhome has an automatic or manual transmission. Also, check whether it runs on diesel or petrol.
    • Know about the size, height, and weight of the caravan before renting it. It should have ample space for you to sit, stand, sleep, and do other things comfortably inside it. 
    • See if the air-conditioner works only in the driving cabin or also in the living area. 
    • Ask if utensils, toilet accessories, linen, etc., are included beforehand, or you will need to carry all this stuff yourself.
    • Confirm with the owner if it is fine to bring your dog or any other pet along with you on the caravan.
    • Learn about the insurance policy before you rent a campervan. Make sure that all damage and accident costs are covered so that you can drive around without worries.

    Planning your caravan trip

    It is always better to have a rough idea or plan of your road trip before embarking on your journey. Everything goes better when you follow a nice routine or plan. 

    Plan your route

    Google Maps is a nice way to plan your route. You can enter your starting and finishing locations to get the best route along with drive times. You can visit local attractions and campsites on the way. 

    Check out online planners like Holiday Finder, which will show the best places and attractions along the route you choose. Also, Tourism Australia and other organizations have pre-planned itineraries which you can follow.

    Finding a caravan park or camping ground

    It is possible to both camp at a paid or free site. Camping apps and websites like Wikicamps and Hipcamp are a great way to find the best campsites in Brisbane or any other location you are in. Previous users have left ratings, reviews, and pictures to make things easy for you. Filter your search to find the best campsite based on the facilities and experience you want. 

    Caravan Hire Checklist

    There are multiple things that you have to keep in check when you arrive at or depart from a campsite. A checklist will make things easier for you. 

    Arrival Checklist:

    1. Park on wheel levels or chocks if required
    2. Plug-in power and check that it works
    3. Attach the water hose and check that it works
    4. Attach the waste hose
    5. Keep out the awning mat, door step, table, and camp chairs

    Departure Checklist:

    1. Close the rooftop door
    2. Clean all surfaces, dishes, sink, etc. and ensure that the gas cylinder is off
    3. Check that no laptop, TV, or other device is misplaced
    4. Close all doors, drawers, toilet doors, etc. 
    5. Empty the toilet waste
    6. Make sure to bring in all mats, tables, awning mats, fire pit, etc.
    7. Disconnect both fresh and waste water pipe
    8. Check external storage and roof racks
    9. Do not leave any waste or rubbish behind at the campsite

    FAQs regarding caravan hire in Brisbane

    Hiring a caravan or motorhome in Brisbane, Australia can be a full on experience, especially if it is your first time. You most likely have a lot of questions about the process. Luckily, most hire companies will have good customer service, so don’t hesitate to give them a call with your questions. Otherwise, check out our answers to common questions below.

    Can I hire a caravan for just one way?

    Many companies do offer one-way caravan rentals based on their offices and associate centers. When you hire a caravan from online sharing companies like Camplify, one-way hire is not possible. Some rental companies need to transfer goods, and you can get their caravans or RVs at a low price. However, your date and time need to be flexible and match with a company’s timeframe. 

    How much will it cost to hire a campervan in Brisbane?

    A minivan can be hired for as low as 30 AUD, but if you are looking for a big caravan with ample space in which you can stand and enjoy facilities, you should be ready to pay over 100-150 AUD for each day.

    Where can I park my caravan overnight in Brisbane?

    You should find a paid or free campsite to park your caravan overnight. There are places other than a campsite where you can park but make sure it is legal to do so, and you don’t land in trouble for it. Websites such as Hipcamp have options for camping on private properties, and there are a number of “free camp” locations throughout Queensland and other states of Australia.

    How old should I be, and what license is needed to hire a caravan in Brisbane?

    You must be 21 years old and have a standard driving license to hire a caravan in Brisbane. International licenses must be translated into English. Some companies allow 18 years olds to hire vehicles, but a license is necessary for everyone.

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