Finding the best camping ground for your next getaway

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Many people love camping and research on how to pack their backpacks for camping. However, only a few people try to find a campsite. It is important to find the right campsite as it is the place where you are going to sleep, rest and spend quality time with others. The level of comfort and views you can enjoy depends much on the campsite. The availability of firewood, public showers, water, your safety and many other things depend on the campsite you choose for your stay during camping. Here are some tips for finding the best campsite for your camping trip.

How to find an awesome camping ground

Know your requirements

The first step to pick a camping site in Australia is to know about what you really want from a campsite. Do you prefer a quiet location where you can relax and have a good night sleep? You want to be a part of the action and adventure of camping nightlife. A quiet spot can be good for you if you want to relax at night. However, if you love to meet new people and make friends, you should choose a location full of activities.

Search for a campsite online

In this era of the internet, the best way to find anything is to search online, and finding campsites online is no exception. There are many websites that offer information on destinations, campsites and activities you can enjoy there. Some websites also offer information on accommodation, travel facilities and help you plan your trip. So, the first step to look for a campsite is to spend significant time online and look for the best options available for your trip.

Camping apps

Another way to find a campsite is to check a reputed camping app. You can find many camping apps on the App Store and Google Play Store that help you to find good camping sites in many locations. However, be specific about the camping apps according to your country and location. For example, if you are looking for a campsite in Australia, you should look for camping apps in Australia on the App Store or Play Store. These apps can help you to find the perfect campsite and some will also help you to book a campsite for your trip.

Find General Location

Look for a general location where you want to find the campsite for your stay. Also, look for these places on the Google map to have an idea of the exact location and distance you need to cover to reach there. The location you choose for a campsite should have firewood and water in its proximity.

Choose a flat ground

Flat ground is comfortable to sleep in and lay down your sleeping bags. Also, it is easier to install a tent on flat ground than on a slope. A minor slope may not be visible at first sight, but when you sleep on it, only then you come to know why you need to avoid the slopes at all costs.

Know about the available space and parking facility

Some camping sites look perfect on paper, but they don’t have sufficient space for parking and other activities. If there is not sufficient space available for parking, you may need to park your vehicle hundreds of meters away from the camping site. SUVs and Wagons that people use for camping trips require more space than small cars. Also, you need sufficient space for the installation of your tent and to lay down your sleeping bags. If you prefer a hammock, you need to consider the trees and other things available for its installation. So the available space is one of the most important factors to consider while looking for a camping site.

Valleys and canyons

Many people prefer staying at a camping site at the base of a valley or canyon. These camping sites are usually cold, and the air is most humid at these locations. You should choose these locations if you feel comfortable in the cold and humid air. However, if you prefer staying at the bank of a river or water stream, such locations can be perfect for your camping trips.

Don’t forget to check the weather conditions.

The weather conditions vary from location to location. The climate and weather in the mountains are much different from the weather at plains, beaches and locations with small hills. The weather near the water bodies is usually humid and that on the mountains is cold and dry. Some locations experience heavy rain during a specific time of the year. You need to consider the weather conditions and check the forecast at least two weeks before planning your trip and booking a campsite. Never choose a location that experiences rainfall or heavy winds in the month in which you or planning your camping trip.

Consider the wildlife

The camping sites are usually made in locations like hills or jungles. These locations are the habitats for wild animals. Therefore, there is always a risk of wild animals for the campers. Make sure you choose a campsite with the lowest risk of wild animals. Never choose a campsite that has dangerous animals like tigers, lions and wolves in its proximity.

Check the reviews

The best way to know about a camping site is to check the reviews of other people. If you are looking for a new camping site, you should check the reviews posted by people who have already visited there. By reading about their experience at a particular camping site, you can know whether to choose it or not.

Make the reservations early.

Once you finalize the camping site for your trip, try to make the reservations as early as possible. If you are planning your campaign trip in the busy season, the camping sites are likely to get filled within one or two days and sometimes within a few hours. Most of the reservations are made online nowadays. The camping sites in Australia get filled quickly in the busy season. Therefore, it is better to make the reservations as early as possible so that you get the booking for your preferable camping site.


Finding a camping site for your trip is not difficult. All you need to do is begin your research as early as possible and consider all the factors mentioned in this post for your convenience and safety. Following these tips can help you to find the perfect camping site and make your camping trip memorable.

Andy Sullivan

Andy Sullivan

A lover of all things outdoors, Andy is an experience camper having traveled the east cost of Australia multiple times and countless trips throughout New Zealand.

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