Top 5 things to do on a road trip from Brisbane to Sydney

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Burleigh Heads

Sydney, one of the world’s most recognizable cities has plenty of local attractions but the Sydney to Brisbane drive is packed with even more amazing beaches, tourist spots, etc. worth visiting. While taking this 12-hour road trip, you need to stop at several locations and see what is on offer.

For a picturesque and coastal drive, heading for a road trip from Sydney to Brisbane is the right choice. See the best activities and things you can do here.

Chill-out at Burleigh Heads

A day trip down to the Gold Coast is the shortest and the best weekend activity! One hour drive, and you are at the best Gold Coast’s – Burleigh Heads. It is the best place for having fun with your siblings or friends!

Want some peaceful place for a while after a hectic work routine? The beach is far away from all the noise of the nightclubs, the hustle and bustle of the city.

You can stretch your body with a walk on the peaceful beach. After a relaxing walk, you can think of enjoying delicious coffee. A nearby coffee outlet- Canteen Coffee can be the special place you will love and want to visit again.

If you are a book lover, the Big B Books, right near Canteen Coffee- can be the place for great books. A combination of a coffee and a book can be a relaxing one!

Enjoy the sunrise at Byron Bay

Byron Bay

One hour drive by the Pacific Highway, and you will reach Byron Bay. So, you can enjoy the Sydney to Brisbane Road trip to the fullest for all the adventure lovers. You will get the chance to sea kayak with dolphins and enjoy the sunrise from the easternmost part of Australia.

There are many exciting activities present here, and musical events for guests are the most promising ones. For morning lovers, the Morning Yoga set-up is also done on the beach!

So, you can choose your type of activity and get the most from it. You can also get free bikes here, which you can ride across the entire town. There are several camping grounds to choose from, check out our guide to the best Byron Camping Grounds here.

Watch the incredible ocean view at Yamba

Yamba, New South Wales

If you love scenic beauties, Yamba is the place for you! The main town is located at the base of the hill! Here you will find a Pacific Hotel and a mesmerising ocean view.

You can grab a beer, some snacks, sit at one of the parks with your friends, and enjoy the ocean view. It also has a hostel facility at the most affordable price. So, it is worth staying here as it is one of the best locations!

Explore Woolgoolga

Want to explore some nearby places? The very next one from Yamba is Woolgoolga! You can also get the opportunity to view wild animals like kangaroos grazing in the morning! Moreover, you can go for a nature walk and enjoy the view of Woolgoolga Creek Falls. The walking track goes by subtropical rainforest, which can be quite satisfying for all nature lovers.

Go Hiking near Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie

Two-hour drive north of Sydney to Brisbane Road trip will take you to the beautiful town called Port Macquarie. You can explore the long beaches and go hiking through tropical rainforests. You can also spot the whales in the sea. So go on hiking with friends and also enjoy the long beaches! Something you might have craved for in your busy days!

Check out the Waterfalls at Bellingen

Dangar Falls
Photo: World of Waterfalls

At a short distance from the Pacific Highway, Bellingen is a beautiful mountain town. If you love waterfalls, you will enjoy this area for sure! When you drive a bit far and pass by Dorrigo, you will come across Dangar Falls; the most famous falls in the area. You can also find the Bellinger River and watch cows grazing in the pastures.

Get historic at the Trial Bay Gaol

Trial Bay Gaol
Photo: NSW National Parks

Another famous destination for you can be South West Rocks. You can get the chance to wander around the ruins of Trial Bay Gaol. If you are interested in exploring historical places, you can add this spot to your list! The site is heritage-listed and taken care of by NSW National Parks.

The entry to the Trial Bay Gaol is from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. After a visit to the national park, you can also go diving! Yes! Luckily, Fish Rock Cave is the only ocean cave dive in Australia. You will find Grey Nurse Sharks here, which are quite harmless! It can be a different experience here! Isn’t It?

A peaceful stop at Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie can be a good resting point if you are staying for more days! It is a bit larger, so it has many more hostel options to choose from. Moreover, you can experience the wildlife during a drive out to Rawson Falls or Ellenborough Falls. Altogether, this place is a great option to stay, explore wildlife and view different forests. This place provides you all-in-one experience!

Surf Street Art and Cafes in Newcastle

Do you desire to surf beaches, go for coastal walks and explore cool street art and cafes? Newcastle is the most underrated spot on the East Coast. The Newcastle YHA is quite close to the beach. So, you can plan to stay here and explore the beaches. A very famous Coffee Cafe, ‘The Kiosk’, can be the ultimate place for a refreshing dip of coffee. Watching koalas here can also be a great opportunity. At an extremely reasonable price, you can get the chance of exploring New Castle with the help of any local expert.

Cruise the Hawkesbury River

The cruise experience can be an exciting one! Brooklyn is a popular fishing town located on the Hawkesbury River. The cruise offers morning tea, complimentary biscuits and lunch. Then, it takes only a 45-minute drive back to Sydney, and your journey is all made! No hassle, no long journeys, a short tour but most promising!

Hop in the car and Dive!

So, these were some of the best activities you can try during the Sydney to Brisbane drive. But, of course, it is not always necessary to plan long trips. Sometimes short road trips and a spontaneous tour can be the best chill-out with your friends, family, or spouse.

All that counts is – a trip worth cherishing! So next time you plan your road trip from Sydney to Brisbane, keep the above suggestions in mind!

Andy Sullivan

Andy Sullivan

A lover of all things outdoors, Andy is an experience camper having traveled the east cost of Australia multiple times and countless trips throughout New Zealand.

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