Top Reasons to Install a Caravan Air Conditioner

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caravan air conditioner

The most efficient air con for a caravan is the reverse cycle air conditioner. They can also be used to cool and heat caravans. Because they use less heat energy than produce power, reverse cycle air conditioners can be great. This may seem contrary to the laws but there is a solid explanation.

This guide will show you how caravan air conditioners work and how to select the best unit for your needs.

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The right Air Con unit for your van

Many caravan air conditioners don’t achieve the efficiency we want. An air conditioner’s efficiency is its ratio between its heating/cooling power and its power draw. These products are known as Energy Star in Australia. These labels show the cooling/heating output and power input in kilowatts. When fully operational, a unit with more stars will be more efficient.

Although caravan A/C units seldom reach 3 stars, domestic reverse cycle air conditioners can achieve this level of efficiency. Daiken’s 2.5kW US7 AC conditioner is an example. It features 2.5kW cooling and 3.6kW heating and draws 0.42kW or 0.62kW of energy. Although it is expensive, this unit will deliver the best performance of any AC on the market.

You should ensure that you only purchase the highest quality reverse cycle air conditioners. The unit’s Energy Rating can be related to the cost of the unit. Units at the highest end of the efficiency scale are those that are most efficient.

What is a reverse cycle air conditioner?

Air conditioners don’t cool the air like refrigerators. They heat the caravan’s interior with warm air. Reverse cycle air conditioners work as double heaters and are ideal for caravans. They don’t heat the air like a gas heater but they do capture heat energy and transfer it to you. Reverse cycle units are capable of providing warm air in extremely cold conditions.

It draws twice the heat energy it produces than it does. Some units can provide up to four times as much heat energy than traditional gas heaters.

Using solar energy to power your RV air conditioner

Caravan A/Cs consume the most energy in caravans. This is their biggest problem. Your reverse cycle unit can be powered with solar energy. Your caravan’s air conditioner can be powered by 750 watts of sunlight. It is harder to use at night because it requires twice as much power and can hold up to 800-100 amp.

A generator/inverter can be used to provide alternative energy for caravan air conditioners. Generators made by Japanese manufacturers like Yamaha and Honda can run the system perfectly. You can charge your batteries or run your air conditioner with a 230-volt charger.

Petrol-powered generators are quiet and durable, making them the best choice for caravanners. The downside is the high price. It is well worth the investment, especially if your intention to caravan in the summer heat.

A typical caravan battery bank can easily be charged with a petrol generator in just one hour each morning or evening. Water-cooled diesel generators can be used to supply semi-free hot running waters.

In the future, fuel cell technology will be a quieter and more cost-effective alternative to solar energy. Because it is simple to harness and easily available, solar energy is attractive.

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Maureen Spencer

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