Can You Run a Caravan Air Conditioner off a Generator?

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how to make a generator quiet for camping

It can get very hot in Australia, which is something that caravanners are acutely aware of. A quality caravan rooftop air conditioner conditioner is essential for a successful trip to Australia. You will need a generator if you plan to camp far from the site.

This article will discuss whether you can or can’t run an air con off a generator, and also the best generator for you and how to use the air conditioner in your caravan.

What type of generator do I need?

Experts recommend inverter generators. They are more quiet and efficient than traditional generators. Inverter generators are ideal for caravanning.

Reliable power is essential for electronic components in a caravan air conditioner. Avoid voltage fluctuations. Inverter Generators produce clean power in three phases. They are unique in this regard among generators of their type.

Inverter Generators adjust the speed of their engines to meet your power requirements. This saves fuel and money.

Inverter generators come in bags.

What size generator should you buy?

There are many types of inverter generators. There are many options when it comes to choosing the right inverter generator.

This is the maximum power output that generators can produce. If you intend to run a caravan air conditioner, a generator must have a maximum output between 2,500 and 3,000 watts.

When the compressor is turned on, it can draw as much as 3,000 watts. This is compared to a 200-watt laptop and a 100-watt fridge.

Can you use a battery pack to power your A/C?

Campers often have questions about caravan ACs. They may also need an inverter or charger to charge their batteries.

While it is possible to use your conditioner this way, it can prove costly. A high-quality inverter generator will make your air conditioner more efficient.

You should also be aware of

A caravan air conditioner running off of a generator must be maintained with care. Here’s why:


As the temperature/humidity rises, the compressor’s efficiency decreases. When the A/C runs at maximum power, the generator produces less power.

Campers who live in extreme heat should reduce their power consumption by A generator will lose 6 percent for every 45 degrees day.

Extension Cords

The length of the extension lead between the generator and the caravan should not exceed 3-4 m. This is particularly important in high temperatures due to amperage drops.

You should also consider how much power other appliances will draw when the A/C unit is in use, such as the TV, fridge, and battery charger. Ensure that the generator you select is the right size to avoid power issues when multiple appliances are running simultaneously.


Some generators can be quite noisy and can frustrate other campers. Be aware of this and only run your generator during the day or look at ways to make your generator quieter.

So, can you run an Air Conditioner off a Generator? The answer is Yes

A caravan air conditioner is an investment worth making and running it off a generator is perfectly fine. Just be conscious of others if you are staying in a caravan park or similar as the noise of the generator may annoy other residents.

Maureen Spencer

Maureen Spencer

My aim is to provide some insights into great places to visit and camp throughout Australia. Whether it be by the beach or in the bush, camping is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle, put down the remote or your iphone and get back to nature.

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