TRA 12V Electric RAIN Sensing Caravan RV ROOF Hatch Vent with Remote Review [2024]

This is one of the best rotary fans you can have for your camping trips. It is a specially designed fan that is powerful and capable enough to move the fresh air while you travel in your vehicle or rest in your camp. It comes with its own remote control device, that has extraordinary features to make your trip at the most comfortable temperature. This remote device provides you ultimate control of your ambient temperature and you can have control over it from anywhere you want in your camping tent. You just need to set the desired temperature using the remote and your fan will start automatically whenever the temperature of your area exceeds or drops from your desired temperature level.

Moreover, it has many other stylistic features that provide you a complete facility to sense and manage yourself according to your environment.


A fantastic rotary fan is the core competency of this product. It adjusts the temperature of the area as per your requirements set by the remote control device. The fan is featured with a rain sensor. It closes its dome when the sensor gets wet during the rain. Once the rain is over and the sensor dries, it turns on the fan automatically. This fan has a variable speed function so that you can easily adjust the speed of the airflow according to your requirements. It also offers a simple reverse switch that changes the fan direction to draw the air in or out of the camp, tent, gazebo or vehicle. The vent has a built-in thermostat that takes care of temperature and regulates in accordingly. It also offers certain additional features that include a two-wire 12 V DC hook up, wall cradle remote control device, White color sturdy base, fits standard dimensions of 14”x14” openings.


  • Rated power: DC 12V
  • High-performance rotary fan
  • Rain Sensor
  • Variable Speed
  • Integrated thermostat
  • Standard dimensions:14”x14”

What we like

  • Dual options of automatic variable speed(thermostat activated) and manual speed with 13 settings
  • 2 AA batteries included
  • High profile strong base
  • Attractive design, easily mountable dimensions

What we don't like

  • A little bit noisy

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