Baintech 12V 150Ah Caravan Battery Review [2024]

The second product on the list is Baintech 12V 150Ah. This is a lightweight caravan battery based on excellent construction. It is made up of updated prismatic lithium item phosphate cells which make the battery efficient. Furthermore, the product comes with a built-in battery management system that helps to manage every battery functions accurately. It is considered the best battery for caravans, RVs and 4WD’s. It can provide 100V continuous discharge. Moreover, it is surrounded by strong aluminum that makes it a safe and powerful unit.

The item has a lightweight and required 13.5 Volt or charging. Additionally, the nominal voltage required by this battery is 12.8 Volt. However, the maximum charge voltage required for the flooded cell is 14.5 Volt while for lithium is 14.8 and four gel is 14.3 Volt.

This battery comes with two years. The battery comes with enough capacity to run a caravan. Moreover, the product contains positive as well as negative terminals which create fused along with the unfused connection. It perfectly suits the battery system mainly the next generation one. Furthermore, the battery has 2000-5000 cycles. It comes with the 256 x 163 x 240mm dimension. However, the stand by current-voltage by the battery is 0.003A.

What we like

  • Strong construction.
  • Lightweight.
  • 100A discharge.
  • Safe to use.
  • Powerful.

What we don't like

  • Quality must be approved.

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