Easy Meals to Cook When Camping

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meals to cook when camping

Summer is the perfect time for camping. But, what is camping without some good food? Self-cooked, hot meals are the best during camping trips. And, it is even better when you carry your food which can be cooked instantly without a fuss.

Have you been researching some easy and simple cooking meal ideas that you can prepare for yourself and your tribe on the next camping trip? There are several important tasks to perform while camping, and cooking is one of them.

Here below, we have created a list of top easy-to-cook camping meals that are not just tasty, but healthy too. The easy to cook food can be reheated using a camping fire or stove, and would require a few dishes while camping.

All of the meals we will mention will require a single piece of cookware utensil like foil packet, pot, pie iron, skillet, etc. It will also include quick-cooking ingredients and other elements that can save a significant amount of time at your campsite.

Top Cooking Tips during Camping

Summer camping has several great benefits, but being able to sit around the campfire at night and enjoy some quality time away from your hectic daily schedule is one of the amazing parts of camping. In addition, the enjoyment will be doubled when you know some great dishes that are simple and easy to cook.

Here are some great camp cooking tips that can help you cook delicious food easily and quickly and save a significant amount of time.

Plan Your Camp Meals before Your Trip

The more cooking preparation you do at home, the less stressful your camping trip will be. Packing items and measuring equipment according to your every meal can save a significant amount of time. You can also use zip-lock bags to store dry and wet food ingredients and save them from leaking.

Keep Sufficient Amount of Aluminum Foil

Keeping the aluminium foil is a great idea. Aluminium foil can help you keep the food warm, cover it for further use, or offer a specific cooking technique over an open campfire. This is a must-have item for campsite cooking.

Always Freeze Your Meat

Firstly, this will extend the meat’s freshness, which is great if you are camping for a few days. In this way, there will be no need to eat the meal on the first day. You can eat the fresh meat on your first camping day and the frozen meat on the following days. Secondly, the frozen meat will also help you to keep the temperature low in the cooler. There are many dual zone camping fridges available that have a freezer section to keep your food frozen for longer even when camping for long periods.

Carry Your Safety Gear

Always remember to bring a pair of safety gloves, a bucket, and a shovel to handle the fire. These items are very important, so pack them first before you leave for your camping trip. Also, make sure to keep the gear away from the cooking area, as tripping over can cause some severe consequences with a fire blazing.

Best and Easy Camp Cooking Meals

Here are some top campsite cooking meals that you can cook easily and quickly:

Breakfast Sandwich

The most amazing and satisfying thing on a camping trip is a delicious breakfast sandwich. It includes all the ingredients, when combined together, creates a tasty and delicious campsite dish. This recipe includes sandwich bread, cheese spreads, sauces, onion, tomato, and other vegetables that you love. It is very easy to cook and serve the purpose of easy campsite cooking meals.

Cast iron Frittata

If you are looking for a tasty campsite breakfast meal, nothing is better than this cast iron frittata. You just need fresh basil, blistered cherry tomatoes, and shallots. Layer them together with eggs and cheese, and your dish is ready to eat. A frittata is a great way to start your morning when camping.

french toast

French Toast

French toast is a basic campsite cooking meal. It is the easiest and quickest camping breakfast. You just need eggs and bread and a cast iron pan. Pour some butter or oil in the pan, then place two slices of bread and add whisked eggs with added spices to it. Toss the bread and cut it into half, and your meal is ready to eat!

Cinnamon Apple Pancakes

Light, layered, and fluffy with amazing apple flavour, this cinnamon apple pancake is the perfect campsite breakfast meal. If you are fond of spicy apple cider, you will definitely love these cinnamon apple pancakes.

Apple Oatmeal

If you need a quick and no-fuss breakfast that is tasty and delicious, then you will surely admire this apple oatmeal. This recipe includes flax, chia, and hemp seeds for an additional nutritional boost and is sweetened using cinnamon apples. It is very easy to cook and is the perfect campsite meal.


Chilaquiles is an amazing and easy campsite cooking meal. The crispy tortillas are simmered in a spicy hot tomato sauce and then topped using a few eggs. This meal usually takes less than 30 minutes to get ready and also it is best for vegetarian people.

Stuffed French Toast

The stuffed French toast is filled with sweet mascarpone cheese and fresh strawberries. It is an easy and perfect way to enhance your classic camping breakfast. This recipe gets ready to eat in a couple of minutes.


The shakshuka recipe is very easy to make and is filled with delicious flavour. The eggs are poached in a slightly spicy tomato sauce and pepper and then topped with feta cheese. This campsite cooking meal is perfect for enjoying with a slice of fresh and crusty bread.


We hope that you and your friends enjoy these easy and amazing campsite cooking meals. All of the meals mentioned above are easy to cook and will surely create a stress-free weekend outdoor trip. These dishes will definitely serve the purpose of tasty and yummy camping food!

Maureen Spencer

Maureen Spencer

My aim is to provide some insights into great places to visit and camp throughout Australia. Whether it be by the beach or in the bush, camping is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle, put down the remote or your iphone and get back to nature.

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