Do Caravan Covers Cause Dampness and Mould?

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Caravans aren’t cheap, and every caravan owner wants to keep their RV in it’s best condition. However, as you drive your Caravan, it attracts a lot of dust and dirt, and sometimes rainwater can make things worse. Whether you take your Caravan for long tours or quick camping trips, it is highly recommended to cover it after when it’s not in use.

However, caravan owners need to choose the right cover for their vehicles. The cover should be breathable and so that it blocks the dirt, dust, and water but allows the air to pass through it. There are many covers available in the market that cause dampness and mould on the surface of the vehicle. Hopefully this article will provide some insight into caravan covers and how to avoid mould and dampness in your vehicle.

Do Caravan Covers cause mould and dampness?


The formation of mould and dampness on the surface of a Caravan depends on the type of cover and the material of the vehicle. New caravans are made of high-quality steel and painted with good quality paint that does not allow the moisture to stay on their surface. Therefore, the new vehicles do not experience the problems of mode and dampness unless you use a low-quality cover. However, there are still thousands of old-style caravans made of wood and other materials in which dampness is still a major problem. So the formation of more and a does not nearly depend on the type of cover but also depends on the material of construction of Caravan.

Do covers cause dampness?

Yes, the covers that are cheap and made of low quality plastic cause dampness and the formation of mould on the surface of any vehicle and caravans are no exception. The plastic covers enable the water to see on the Caravan’s roof that is the primary reason for problems like dampness inside the vehicle. Stagnant water-primarily affects the roof of the Caravan.

Moreover, when the vehicle is covered with plastic cover for days, weeks, or even months, it completely stops the circulation of air between the vehicle and the environment. As a result, the moisture starts accumulating on the surfaces of the vehicle and causes dampness and the formation of mould and mildew.

Experts recommend investing in good quality and breathable cover for your vehicle. A breathable cover allows the circulation of air that prevents the accumulation of moisture on the surfaces. When the surfaces are dry, there are no chances of dampness, mould or corrosion.

Why you need to invest in a high-quality Caravan cover

The harsh sunlight, heavy rains, and frost can damage the body paint as well as cause condensation on the surface of the vehicle. The harsh sunlight can also damage the stickers, the rubber at the door and the windows of the vehicle.

When you buy and use a good quality breathable cover on your vehicle, the condensed water easily escapes out into the environment minimizing the chances of dew and mould. However, the cover must be waterproof that prevents the entry of water from the environment to the surface of your vehicle.

How to recognize the dampness on your Caravan?

These are some signs that you should look for if you suspect your vehicle has dampness. You can recognize these signs easily when you enter your vehicle. So, the next time you suspect dampness or mould, check for these signs.

  • You feel a musty smell as soon as you enter your Caravan
  • You see the black marks around the doors and windows.
  • Presence of stains of the interior or exterior walls.
  • Damp looking spots on the ceiling and walls.
  • Walls and surfaces feel soft when you press them with your fingers.

Tips to prevent mould and dampness.

Prevention is better than cure. It is easy to work on preventing dampness and mildew than removing them from the surface of your vehicle.

Clean the interior of your Caravan regularly.

Even if you do not see any dirt or dust, you should do vacuum cleaning once a week. Use an antibacterial or this in fact and to wipe all the interior and exterior surfaces of the vehicle to prevent the formation of mould and mildew. However, before you lock the doors of your Caravan, make sure the interiors are completely dry.

Circulation of air.

The circulation of air is essential for both interior and exterior surfaces of any vehicle. Even if you don’t want to use the vehicle for a few months, you should open the door and let the air circulate for a few minutes every week. The adequate circulation of air prevents the formation of mould and mildew on the surfaces of vehicles. Using a caravan air conditioner is a good way to circulate fresh air throughout the van. If you don’t have one, you can always use a portable unit from your home.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Every time you use the bathroom and kitchen, open the windows for at least an hour to enable the circulation of air and prevent the buildup of moisture.


Condensation usually takes place in the humid season and moist environment. You need to wipe off the condensation from the doors, windows and other surfaces as soon as you spot it on your Caravan. A dehumidifier reduces the amount of humidity in the air, which makes the atmosphere drier and makes it harder for moisture to build up.

How to dry a wet caravan?

In the event of water ingress, drying a wet trailer can be a difficult task, especially if the wood structure is affected. If case of minimal damage, you can resolve the problem by heating and dehumidifying to completely drying the vehicle. Using a caravan diesel heater is a good way of generating heat throughout the van to dry it out. However, if the issue is severe, you need to seek an advice from a professional.

A licensed specialist can do a full and in-depth assessment, instruct you on possible next steps and even do it for you with equipment that you should have purchased yourself.


Although whether the Caravan covers cause dampness or not is controversial, this post might help you to understand how to use the right cover and control such conditions. Whether you use a cover or not, the key to prevent mould and dampness is to keep your vehicle as clean and dry as possible in all conditions.


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