Webasto Single Outlet Caravan Diesel Heater Review [2024]

This caravan diesel heater by Webasto is highly efficient in power and fuel consumption. It is a silent working 2Kw diesel-fired top heater. You can easily find this in 12v and 24v power options.

It has unique features that make it apart from the other heaters. It does not warn the interior or cab but also dehumidifies the air to assure you complete comfort. This is for the removal of moisture from the air and prevents the growth of dust mites and moulds effectively.

As it uses relatively less fuel so usually, its device noted the heater using 1 litre of diesel for almost 5 to 6 hours. Besides this, the Webastro best caravan diesel heater is super easy to install as it comes in an exceptionally compact size. It comes with a detailed mounting kit that makes its installation easier.

The height of this diesel heater is 121 mm, width is 120 mm, depth is 317 mm, and weight is 2.6 kg. It is a quite compact design that placing and installing it anywhere is super easy.

It comes with an installation kit that includes manual controller, air outlet, 60 mm ducting house, mount heater bracket, two duct clamp, vent flat open and hose connector for the outlet.

Its complete package assures you that managing things on a caravan is comfortable and riding would be comfy.

What we like

  • Easy installation
  • Detailed mounting kit
  • Portable design
  • Dehumidification of air

What we don't like

  • Directions are not clear

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