Truma VarioHeat Gas Heater Review [2024]

The Truma VarioHeat Caravan Gas Heater is a popular choice among caravanners and outdoor enthusiasts seeking reliable and efficient heating solutions for their adventures. Known for its compact design and impressive performance, this gas heater has garnered widespread praise for its ability to keep caravans cozy even in colder climates. Below, we’ll explore the pros and cons of the Truma VarioHeat and determine whether it is a good heater and who it’s ideal for.

Is it a Good Heater and Who is it Ideal for?

Overall, the Truma VarioHeat Gas Heater is undoubtedly a good investment for those seeking a high-quality and reliable heating solution for their caravans. Its compact size, energy efficiency, and user-friendly controls make it a favored choice among frequent travelers who value space optimization and convenience. The VarioHeat’s ability to provide efficient and consistent heating ensures a comfortable stay during various camping conditions, from mild to cold temperatures.

This gas heater is ideal for:

  • Caravanners and campers who prioritize space-saving and compact appliances.
  • Travelers who frequent colder regions and need a powerful and efficient heating solution.
  • Those who value quiet operation, making the VarioHeat suitable for a peaceful and undisturbed camping experience.
  • Enthusiasts who prioritize safety features and want a gas heater with built-in safeguards.

In conclusion, the Truma VarioHeat Gas Heater stands as an excellent choice for caravan owners looking to upgrade their heating system. Its efficient performance, compact design, and safety features make it a valuable companion for camping adventures, ensuring warmth and comfort no matter where the road takes you.


Please note that product specifications may vary depending on the model or version of the Truma VarioHeat Gas Heater, and it’s essential to refer to the manufacturer’s website or product documentation for the most accurate and current information. Here are some general specifications that you might find in the Truma VarioHeat:

  • Heating Capacity: The Truma VarioHeat typically offers a heating capacity of around 2.8 kW to 3.7 kW, providing efficient warming for the interior of caravans or motorhomes.
  • Fuel Type: It is a gas-powered heater designed to run on LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), commonly available at gas stations and camping supply stores.
  • Energy Source: The VarioHeat gas heater draws its power from the caravan’s gas supply or a separate gas cylinder, depending on the model.
  • Controls: It comes equipped with user-friendly controls and often includes a built-in thermostat for easy temperature adjustment.
  • Dimensions: The heater’s dimensions are typically compact to suit the limited space in caravans and motorhomes.
  • Weight: The weight of the Truma VarioHeat gas heater is generally designed to be lightweight for easy installation and portability.
  • Safety Features: The VarioHeat is equipped with essential safety features, such as automatic shut-off for low oxygen levels, flame failure devices, and overheating protection.
  • Noise Level: It is known for its quiet operation, ensuring a peaceful camping experience.

Please keep in mind that the specifications mentioned above are based on general information and might not represent the exact specifications of the latest models or versions. Always verify the specific product details and specifications from the manufacturer or authorized retailers before making a purchase.

What we like

  • Compact and Space-Saving: The Truma VarioHeat’s compact design makes it easy to install in various caravan models, even those with limited available space.
  • Efficient Heating: With a powerful heating capacity, the VarioHeat quickly warms up the interior of the caravan, ensuring a comfortable living space during chilly nights.
  • Energy-Efficient: This gas heater is renowned for its fuel efficiency, allowing caravanners to make the most of their gas supply during extended trips.
  • User-Friendly Controls: The VarioHeat comes with intuitive controls and a built-in thermostat, making it easy to adjust the temperature and maintain a cozy atmosphere inside the caravan.
  • Quiet Operation: Caravan enthusiasts appreciate the VarioHeat for its quiet operation, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed camping experience.
  • Safety Features: Truma prioritizes safety, equipping the VarioHeat with essential features like automatic shut-off and flame failure protection, providing peace of mind during use.

What we don't like

  • Initial Cost: The Truma VarioHeat gas heater may have a higher upfront cost compared to some other caravan heaters, which could be a consideration for budget-conscious travelers.
  • Ventilation Requirements: Like all gas heaters, proper ventilation is crucial when using the VarioHeat to prevent the buildup of potentially harmful gases inside the caravan.

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