Truma Ultra Rapid GAS/ELEC Caravan Hot Water System Review [2024]

The all-new Truma Ultra Rapid GAS/ELEC Hot Water System is a perfect choice for washing dishes, showering, and washing your hands on a camping trip. It is a reliable way of getting hot water for all your caravan’s purposes. The manufacturers have pushed this product a little farther than the predecessor models by meeting the constantly increasing demands of the caravan’s market. This caravan continuous hot water heater is sure to impress all with its better heating power, black elegant design, and compact dimensions.

The best thing about this hot water system is its powerful heating element that gives 1415, i.e., 240V, instead of 925W for short reheat and heat up time. It has space-saving dimensions. The footprint is the same as a standard boiler, but it weighs a lot less than its competitor models.

The installation is very easy and convenient. The buyer only needs John guest connections for the faster and prompt installation of the heater. The Truma Ultra Rapid GAS/ELEC HWS has a very modern and stylish design with a black control panel and black framework. It comes with an improved corrosion resistance due to the production changes and design of the water tank and heating element of the heater.

This heater can heat up the water in your caravan within a short amount of time. The unit has excellent installation to avoid heat loss. While this system is working, water will continuously be reheated within your vehicle. It means that another person can take a shower straight away without waiting any longer.

What we like

  • Strong heating element
  • Less weight
  • Reliable supply of hot water
  • Quiet working

What we don't like

  • A bit pricier

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