Truma Combi 2E Kit, Caravan Gas Heater / Hot Water System Review

Truma Combi 2E Kit, Caravan Gas Heater / Hot Water System Review Australia 2022

This intelligent and dual-purpose machine provides you with interrupted heating and hot water on your next camping trip. It is a gas and air-powered heater that caters to two heating tasks autonomously and simultaneously. It works by liquid gas and operates on 12 volts to generate large 2000W heat while still being eco-friendly with its high energy-efficiency rating.

The functions are easy to access through an LCD control panel, provided for user-friendly working. It features a stainless steel 10L water tank, which is leak-resistant and weather-proof. It can heat water as fast as 20 minutes with an added ability to mix and heat water while showering.

It has many performances enhancing features such as safety sensors, anti-frost technology, and a self-draining mechanism. Its system is ducted and has three outlet vents. The best thing about Truma Combi 2E Kit, Gas Heater is its low fuel consumption, minimal dimension, and weight. This maintenance-free, dual-purpose heater is surely an ultimate companion for your caravan.

You can operate the heater even when the boiler is empty. The sleek innovative design gives greater flexibility when looking for the desired installation area. The gas, water connections, and hot air duct are integrated into the side of the system for simple operation. The microprocessor ensures you get a high level of safety when using the appliance.

What we like

  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Friendly LCD control panel
  • 20-minute rapid water heating
  • Maintenance-free working

What we don't like

  • May cause some condensation

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