Towsafe Tow Ball Weight Scales MHBWS Review [2024]

Knowing how much weight your tow ball can carry can significantly affect your driving. The tow ball weight should be able to comply with the safety standards. Generally speaking, a minimum of 10% of the total towing weight should be on the tow ball. This will ensure safe and accident-free driving. By using the Towsafe Tow Ball Weight Scales you can get an accurate reading of your towball weight.

TOWSAFE brand produces several high-end Towing accessories. These are produced while maintaining all the safety standards. Therefore, this tow scale is reliable and shows accurate tow ball weight. This can weigh between 100 to 350 kg. You can check the reading in both the KG and LBs. The soft tow ball scale head is quite gentle on the coupling. The tool is fully calibrated and does not tend to show larger deviations.

All you need to do is simply attach the caravan coupling onto this tow ball weight scale, and it will give you an accurate reading of the weight. This will improve your overall riding ability and prevent unnecessary swaying. If you exceed the tow ball weight limit set by the authorities, it may cost you heavy fines or bans from traveling.

What we like

  • It comes from a genuine brand
  • Follows all the safety standards
  • Shows weight between the range of 100 to 350 kgs.
  • Convenient markings with 10 kg breaks
  • Prevents swaying and highway accidents

What we don't like

  • Expensive than other brands.

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