Swift 20L Caravan Hot Water System Review [2024]

Not all water systems available in the market are created equally, especially the ones designed for caravans. Most of them have storage tanks that work on a variety of power resources, usually gas or electrical. There are a few other options for you that are considered as continuous systems and do not rely upon a tank as a part of the overall design.

From the outset, the unit is pretty simple. It can easily fit into all kinds of cavities and offer a useful amount of storage capacity. It uses gas and 240V to heat up the water and offers convenient usage via a remote control mounted switch. The Swift 20L Caravan Hot Water System comes with sacrificial anodes to prevent the water tank from leakage and corrosion.

The tank is of stainless steel, so it doesn’t consume the anode as quickly as other products out there, which makes it more reliable and less prone to calcium buildup at the bottom.

In general, this automatic water heater is built to travel and is made to last long. It gives high-temperature delivery with dual fuel, i.e., gas and electric option. There are no outdoor switches that correspond well to the convenient usage. It works via a 3-stage ignition cycle to assist while you change to a new gas bottle. The best thing is a comprehensive installation guide that makes setting up a breeze for the buyer.

What we like

  • 20L capacity
  • Operates well on propane or butane gas
  • 1000W heating element
  • Tubular anode type

What we don't like

  • The permanent cover is time-consuming to remove

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