Living in caravans can get quite difficult if you do not have the right appliances on hand. The Sphere Auto Mini caravan and camping washing machine is the perfect laundry companion for all people who are short on space and like to do their laundry.

This might be a mini machine but it can take as much as 3.3kg load of dry laundry. It weighs as little as 18.5Kgs and is perfect if you feel like you would have to move it around a lot.

The machine is pretty simple to operate and comes with a control panel on the top with basic settings. It is a top-loading machine and comes with 5 simple settings for your wash cycle. You can either opt for a full cycle which takes as long as 38 minutes or you can go for the single spin which will take just 7 minutes.

Keeping your convenience in mind, there is a countdown to the remaining wash time left and a balance alert which will let you know if the load is more than what the machine can take. The water inlet will only take in cold water and will take as much as 20 liters of water.

With the Sphere Auto Mini, you can get all the benefits of a bigger machine but in a smaller size.

What we like

  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Can take 3.3kg load

What we don't like

  • Comes with basic features
  • Only allows cold water connection

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