SHURFLO Filtration Kit RV & Marine use 158761 RVQBR-A Review [2024]

Despite spending money, if you are not satisfied with the quality of your caravan water filter, it’s time to switch to something proven and worth investing in. Shurflo filtration kit RV, and marine USE 158761 RVQBR-A is one of the best products you can install in the caravan to never drink contaminated water again. Above all, this product can filter around 1900 liters before it’s time to change a filter.

Usually, people already using filters in their caravans can taste the chlorine, and it’s no different than drinking chemical added water. This filtration kit not only prevents water from mixing with chemicals but eliminates odor and bacteria immediately. For frequent travelers with a sensitive stomach, never compromise on the quality of water. Shurflo filtration kit is providing a permanent solution to install.

The mounting screws and easy fittings have made things easier because you don’t need assistance while installing them. The best practice to check the efficiency is to keep it running for 2-3 minutes if you haven’t used the filter in a long time. The flow rate is also impressive, and it’s about 1.9 liters per minute. In case of any damage or technical fault, you don’t have to worry because the company is providing one year warranty. It was never this easy to drink fresh and clean water anywhere.

What we like

  • Prevent odor and chlorine
  • Impressive pressure range
  • 1.9L/minute flow rate
  • Easy to fit

What we don't like

  • No complaints from current users

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