Reich Caravan Weight Control Scale Orange 1500KG Review [2024]

Caravan weight scales are important tools for those who are frequent travelers. They help you in monitoring the load on your vehicle and prevent accidents from occurring from overloading. Reich produces good quality traveling instruments, including the Caravan weight control scales. They are easy to carry anywhere and tell accurate weight statistics.

Reich Caravan weight scale enables you to measure the total weight during travel correctly. It also helps you to divide some weights on the individual vehicles to prevent overloading of one. This weight has three different control programs. These are; The caravan has one axle and one support wheel, a caravan with a tandem axle and one support wheel and motorhome. This scale is designed to work adequately for all vehicles, including cars, bikes, trucks, delivery vans etc. It can measure a maximum load of 1500 kg with a very small variation of 3%. It is an orange-colored, handheld device that requires 3 AAA batteries of 1.5 volts each. You can easily store it in your car’s dashboard for convenient use.

What we like

  • Maximum weight bearing range up to 1500 kg
  • Three different types of programs
  • Less variation in result only 3 %
  • It does not need cords or recharging
  • Ideal for all kinds of vehicles, i.e., cars, delivery vans, motorbikes etc

What we don't like

  • Batteries require frequent replacement

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