Portable Oven 12V by Alfredx Review

Portable Oven 12V by Alfredx

Portable Oven 12V by Alfredx Review Australia 2022

The last product on our list is by Alfredx. You can cook and reheat your meals in this portable oven easily. It is a dream come true for people who have to travel a lot especially truckers and hikers. It is a slow cooker in which you can cook your favourite meals without worrying about burning them. You can start your camping day by preparing your lunch and then go out for hiking or trekking. The cooker will cook the food for you. The temperature cycles automatically; hence your food won’t burn.  

Coming to its specs, it weighs 567 grams which is light enough to be carried easily. The dimensions are ideal to carry it in a backpack. It measures 29.7 x 23.1 x 8.9 cm. You can practically take it anywhere, no matter you are travelling through by road, train, or aeroplane. You can use it at home or your workplace, it is sure to serve you fresh and hot meals throughout the day.

This portable oven is compatible with several materials like ceramic, glass, plastic, metal, aluminium foil, and cardboard. The company recommends using flat bottomed and well-sealed containers so that moisture and smell do not escape while your food is being warmed up. We highly recommend this product because of its impressive features and minimalist design.

What we like

  • Suitable for cooking and heating
  • Spacious and quick in warming
  • Portable
  • Lightweight

What we don't like

  • Not durable / soft casing

Omg... what a great deal!

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