Portable Car Jump Starter, TACKLIFE 2200A Review [2024]

TACKLIFE portable car jump starter is a device which can be a life saver. There are several ways through which it works in a positive manner, particularly on a long trip. TACKLIFE provides optimum solutions for diesel engine. It can kick start a 6 liters engine within seconds. The system works on a rapid process that can start a 5.2 diesel engine up to 30 times within a specific charge.

This tool is not simply a jump starter but it also has its use as a power bank through which you can charge your devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, etc. The advanced safe technology is something which differentiates this product from others in the market. It provides overcurrent security, protection from reverse polarity, protection from over voltage, protection from overcharge, and safety from overload.

TACKLIFE jump starter comes with a 20,800 mAh capacity. It can provide enough power in case of an emergency. Nothing can be more effective than investing in a device which is multifunctional and contemporary. This jump starter is not just a portable charger, it also has SOS lighting signal for guidance, dual USB quick charge, and LEF flashlight.

What we like

  • A supportive power station
  • Safety technology
  • Multidimensional functions
  • Clamps and cables are strong
  • Reliable

What we don't like

  • Needs professional assistance in usage
  • Manufactured by synthetic material

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