Milenco Quattro Pair of Levelling Ramps Review [2024]

Quattro Leveling Ramps are one of the best caravan levelling ramps. 160cm long, one of the tallest levels available. And its uniqueness is that it provides four levels where most of the new ramps offer a maximum of 3 levels.
Quattro level includes lattice, high-altitude, and with much safer grip. Your car tires stay secure with a notch at all heights. In fact, there is no need for chocks! They have a solid foundation to stop sinking in soft soil or sand. Rigid and firm grip stops tires from slipping as they approach and avoid the need for grip plates.
These ramps have four different heights levels that would allow you to raise your van to a height of 160mm and also can hold upto 2000 kg per wheel. These levelling ramps are designed with adding extra width to make it wide up to 250 mm allowing tires to be larger from motorhomes.
This is one of the best and innovative products that have proved its worth by winning multiple awards and servers multiple patents worldwide. Its flexibility surely helps you on rough surfaces.
The milenco levelling ramps is much easier to use because it would give a strong grip on top of the surface so that your motorhome or car doesn’t slip over it. Along with milenco quality ensures the safety of your car because stronger base won’t allow the tires to just sink into mud or smooth ground.

What we like

  • Sturdy and offers four levels
  • Rigid, hard, and shows effective resistance

What we don't like

  • Can melt due to overheating of tire
  • Not dimensionally stable

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