Milenco Power 900L Caravan Antenna Review [2024]

Milenco has a simple motivation behind manufacturing products. The brand only wants to make sure that when people are caravanning, they have the best products with them. After reviewing this antenna, we can proudly say that Milenco does a great job. Users can agree that as compared to a one-directional antenna, omnidirectional antennas are much convenient. However, one-directional antennas perform better. Milenco has taken the best things from both the antennas and created a powerful antenna. This antenna serves as good as a one-directional antenna. But it is as convenient to use as an omnidirectional antenna.

The Milenco Power 900L caravan TV antenna performed exceptionally when we reviewed it. Using it on site is relatively easy. You wouldn’t need to lower or raise the antenna; it will do its job on its own. You would need to retune your TV, so it catches all the stations from nearby. The antenna is built in such a way that it gets high gain and low noise. Whether you want to watch your favourite TV show or listen to a radio show. You will get the best results every time. The weather in Australia can get very harsh. For that reason, you need an antenna that withstands the severity of the weather. Luckily, the antenna is built from UV resistant ABS plastic and stainless steel screws. What you get is one of the best durable caravan antennas.

What we like

  • It performs like a single directional antenna
  • It is convenient to use
  • It gets high gain and low noise

What we don't like

  • It doesn’t perform well with 4G network

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