Milenco 2691 Calibrated Nose Weight Gauge Caravan Trailer Review [2024]

According to a study by The Camping and Caravan Club, no nose weight gauge was accurate and reliable. They requested the Milenco manufacturers to produce the most accurate nose weight gauge, which does not show much variation. Milenco then produced a nose weight gauge which is according to the BS7691 standards, written in 2004. It is calibrated and does not show much deviation, unlike other nose weight gauges.

Milenco’s precision and calibrated nose weight gauge remain accurate even after 1000 uses. It has been formed using unique materials. The scale is much clearer and can go up to 130 kilograms. The deviation is only up to 2 kg, whereas previously, in nose weight gauges, it was 30 kg. Another notable improvement is that this nose weight gauge can go to a similar height as your caravan. This is why you do need to block it to calculate the nose weight. The caravan nose weight gauge is light in weight and a compact device so that you can store it in your cupboard or car’s dashboard (while traveling). The metal-made device has clear markings on its exterior to read the nose weight.

What we like

  • The only standardized nose weight gauge
  • Metal material which is durable and long-lasting
  • Clear markings to observe accurate nose weight.
  • Less deviation only up to 2 kg
  • Light in weight and compact

What we don't like

  • Expensive than many other brands

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