LEDLenser H7R Headlamp Rechargeable Review [2024]

The next headlamp on our list by the brand Zweibrüder is suitable for those people who often spend their time doing home projects. You could be fixing your lawn or repairing the staircase- in any situation, this headlamp is going to be worth it. There are a lot of fantastic features in this headlamp, which is why it made it to our best headlamp torches list. It does not weigh a lot, and it is quite powerful too. The 1000-lumen brightness is enough for you to do your job efficiently.

Another excellent feature of the headlamp is that it is adjustable.  With climate change on the rise, it is nice to see a brand like Zweibrüder making its product eco-friendly. If dirty headlamps annoy you, then this would be a perfect fit for you as you can remove the head strap and wash it. It doesn’t matter where on earth you take the headlamp with you; you would have no problem charging it as you can charge it just like you charge your smartphone: with a USB port.

What we like

  • Very powerful / 1000 Lumens
  • Rechargeable
  • You can easily adjust it
  • You can remove the head strap

What we don't like

  • The focus of the beam cannot be changed

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