Haigh Storage Bags for CVL1/L2 Levelling Ramps.CVLB Review [2024]

This Haigh storage ramp is another best caravan levelling ramps

. It is particularly designed for CVL1/L2 travellers. Ramps are made up of high quality, UV resistant polypropylene with a PVC backing. These ramps are liable to keep the caravans and motorhomes level being on any uneven areas.

Haigh Storage bag ramps are rust-proof. It features a high level of durability that makes it built to last and helps you in tough conditions. The Haigh ramps are created to get used on single and twin axle vehicles both. Its back part is removable to position its front part in between the rear wheels.

The width of this leveller is 250mm that is an ultimate fit for most of the motorhomes and caravans. Haigh levelling ramps are made in Australia and are able to hold enough weight. It has high rigidity and strength that makes it a great fit for caravans. The rams are heavy duty that would never topple off your luggage weight.

These are lightweight ramps that assure you to level up your motorhomes on rough surfaces as it’s made from a non-metallic material, so it is durable that will support you for ages.

What we like

  • Patented design
  • High weight capacity
  • Rust-proof

What we don't like

  • Wheel chocks are separate

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