FJÄLLRÄVEN Kajka 75 Trekking Backpack Review [2024]

The adjustable backpack is the essential requirement of a hiker. Due to the different routes, conditions, and items inside, a hiker can adjust it accordingly to make the journey comfortable. The modern appearance of the hiking backpack is elegant and gives an elite look to your personality. The perfect fit adjustment system of the Fjallraven Kajka 75 trekking backpack is suitable for different bodies. It can distribute the load equally.

The product has a hip belt, suitable for carrying a bag on your body during long days that require a consistent walk on a rough surface. The front of this backpack can be opened completely to get access to all things inside it. One of the pockets is removable, and a hiker can use it as a bag too. Side pockets are with zippers and slanted side pockets for water bottles. The mesh pocket of the backpack keeps the wet and dry sections separate from one another. To reduce the carbon frame and to make the product environmentally friendly, it has a wooden frame. At the top lid of a bag, it has an elastic strap to attach the sleeping bag. The bag is spacious enough to divide into upper and lower sections.

It is convertible to a waist or chest bag after removing the top cover. It has a rain cover with reflectors and attachment points as well for convenience. This 75-liter backpack is the dream to take on hiking due to its spacious interior and durable construction. The product will last for a long time, and the cargo capacity allows a user to keep maximum items in it.

What we like

  • Perfect fit adjustment
  • Hydration system compatible
  • Rain cover included
  • Wet and dry compartment

What we don't like

  • Not appropriate for keeping the phone

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