Enerdrive 400Ah Off-Grid 40A DC & 60A AC Charging Bundle, with 720W of Solar Panels and 2600W Inverter (AC Transfer) Review [2024]

It is well known that Enerdrive is currently leading in the Australian market, so it is no surprise that we have included another product from its line in our best dual battery system list. Enerdrive’s tools are consumer favorites because they supply reliable products that ease and enhance camping experiences. Likewise, this model does the same. As for durability, its size and weight maximizes its portability and saves you the extra load that would otherwise come with other units. It has an excellent recharge cycle and low discharge rates, so your appliances can sustain a charge for extended periods. This is perfect for campers that love adventure in the wild.

Its innovative technology also features dust, moisture, and temperature resistive properties, so the climate can never become a setback on your camping trips.

While this technology is highly costly, it does help with environmental aspects. Solar power energy uses renewable sources and decreases emissions that a lead-powered system otherwise causes. This dual battery pack is also a low-maintenance tool, so it doesn’t require watering as other systems do. Moreover, the control features wireless options. Making it all the easier to operate.

What we like

  • Superior performance
  • Offers greater discharge capacity
  • Solar-powered charging
  • Lightweight

What we don't like

  • Expensive
  • Complex installation

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