Eberlestock Kite Pack Review [2024]

Hiking requires tough backpacks that can go through rough weather and handle maximum items inside. The appearance must be robust to last for a long time with all the features require in the wilderness. This bag is spacious, and the upper top is removable that can divide into two sections. The sleeping bag compartment of the Eberlestock battleship V90 pack is also large, and after removing the barrier, it becomes more spacious. This hiking backpack also has external load compression and internal compression straps.

To provide maximum protection to all your belongings, it has a durable zipper opening at the back of the bag. The fabric of this backpack is durable and ideal for hiking use. The heavy-duty material used in the construction can handle the maximum load without damage from any side. To deal with rough weather, it has a full-size rain cover that converts into small folds. This bag carries two bladders, one on each side of the bag. The look of the Eberlestock battleship pack is conventional that gives hiking feel to a user. This backpack also features 5-liter dry bag and a 3-liter hydration system. Due to the multiple pockets and compartments, you can organize every item separately without worrying about ventilation issues.

The best thing about the Eberlestock battleship V90 pack is despite all the modern features, the product is affordable. The load-bearing capacity of the hiking backpack is impressive, and you will love the flexibility. It’s suitable for all types of bodies, and it can store different gears. The water-resistant feature of the backpack is a win-win for you.

What we like

  • Large sleeping bag
  • Water-resistant
  • 3L hydration system
  • High strength and lightweight

What we don't like

  • Fitting is complicated to understand

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