Dream Lighting 12v Energy-saving LED Reading Lights/Bedside Lamp Review [2024]

With its blue and warm white light, this product has won our vote for the best bedside or reading light for your caravan. Be it your alone-time traveling on the road, doing parties with your friends or just chilling inside the caravan, this little gadget promises to make your every moment cozy and comfortable with its pleasant lighting options.

This 12V reading light with a small crystal lens is great as a reading light and bedside lamp. You can also use it as a beautiful décor for your RV or caravan and impress everyone with your wonderful taste in vehicle furnishings. It consists of the most high-quality LEDs ever, so the crystal reading light can give out soft beams and serve the purpose without causing you any eye strain.

Both warm white light and ambient blue lighting are available in one unit; the body can fit narrow places easily, and the LEDs last way longer than other lighting sources in the market. The lifespan of this product is up to 50,000 hours, indicating the quality, durability and longevity of the product.

What we like

  • Two lighting modes
  • Flexible holder
  • Good lifespan
  • Elegant looking

What we don't like

  • The package lacks mounting hardware

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