Coleman Rugged Lithium-Ion Lantern Review [2024]

Coleman Rugged Lithium Ion Lantern

Some people prefer to buy fancy things. Others, however, choose something much simpler. If you belong to the latter category of people and are looking for a simple rechargeable camping lantern, then the next product on our list would be perfect for you. It has a very minimalist design similar to an actual lantern. However, the features it has are not ordinary. They are quite excellent. Talking about the battery first, the lantern comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. And that’s not the best thing about the batteries. You can charge them with any socket of your house.

You don’t have to worry about fetching fresh batteries for the lantern ever again. Just make sure you have charged them before heading out on a camping adventure. As soon as the LED indicator turns green, you will know it is fully charged. In its highest settings, the lantern can shine 400 bright lumens that go as high as 12 meters. The lantern light may be bright, but it is never bright enough to damage your eyes. The brand Coleman has engineered the lights so that they reduce the glare coming from the light.

What we like

  • The design is very simple yet likeable
  • It comes with a USB port
  • It comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry
  • Well known, trusted brand

What we don't like

  • The port for recharging the lantern is fragile

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